Solo Female Travel in Chiayi

Located in the southwestern region of Taiwan, Chiayi is a beacon for culture and history-seeking travelers who crave authentic Taiwanese experiences. Recognized as the gateway to the scenic Alishan Mountain Range, Chiayi boasts immersive nature trails and stunning sunrise views. The city itself is rich with attractions, including the Chiayi Park, home to the historically significant Chiayi Tower and beautiful Sun Shooting Tower. Chiayi is internationally known for its bustling night markets, culinary delights, specifically its famous Turkey rice, and the yearly Lantern Festival, which sets the city ablaze with thousands of colorful paper lanterns. With artistic boutiques and local temples adding to its charm, Chiayi successfully blends an endearing sense of its rich past with an effervescent present.

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Is Chiayi good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Chiayi is a safe city in Taiwan for solo female travelers. The locals are hospitable, and the city is equipped with good public transportation. Additionally, the crime rate is low. Remember to use common sense and take general safety precautions, such as not being out alone late at night. But overall, Chiayi provides a welcoming environment for female solo travelers.


Chiayi is moderately accessible and navigable. The city offers a range of public transportation options and it is possible to get around by foot in some areas. Some directory signs might be in Chinese so it's prudent to have a translation app. People are generally helpful if you ask for directions. Be ready for occasional communication difficulties due to language gap, but overall, getting around is fairly straightforward with a bit of preparation.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Chiayi has an intriguing blend of activities that are suited to a variety of extraordinary interests. History buffs would appreciate the Chiayi City Historical Relic Museum or the Chiayi Old Prison Museum. Nature enthusiasts would enjoy embracing the stunning scenery of Alishan National Scenic Area, and those who enjoy the unique can spot the promising art scene at the Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse. Although not as bustling as Taiwan's larger cities, the slower pace can be considered a charm for those who like to take things slowly and don’t mind exploring at leisure.

Food:Above average

The culinary scene in Chiayi is a true adventure for food lovers, where you will encounter an intriguing blend of indigenous, Chinese, and Japanese influences. From traditional Taiwanese snacks and street foods to exotic cuisines from around the globe, you're bound to find something suited to your taste buds. One of the highlights includes its signature Turkey rice. Although it may not be highly sophisticated or refined, the simplicity, authenticity, and diversity of cuisine are what makes Chiayi's food scene truly unique.


Chiayi is considerably budget-friendly. Accommodation, transportation and food services in the city are affordable, the local night markets offering delicious meals at reasonable prices. Culturally rich sites, parks, and some museums have free or minimal entrance fees. However, some of the tourist spots, especially outside the city, may require transportation or tour costs which can increase the overall budget slightly.

Is Chiayi worth visiting?

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