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Situated in the southeastern region of South Korea, Daegu is the fourth largest city in the country, a vibrant hub admired for its dynamic blend of old and new. Recognized for its thriving textile industry, Daegu is often referred to as the "Fashion City" of Korea. This unique identity of Daegu is portrayed in every aspect of the city, including its modern shopping centres that are contrasted by traditional markets like Seomun Market. Moreover, the city also boasts of its flourishing cultural scene, exemplified by the Daegu Opera House and numerous festivals such as the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival. Daegu’s rich history is ever-present in its Buddhist heritage sites, such as the Donghwasa Temple, exhibiting an exquisite balance of historical depth and futuristic innovation.

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Is Daegu good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Daegu is a relatively safe place for solo female travelers. Crime rates are low and it's a respectful society with well-kept streets and good public transport. However, like all large cities, it's advisable to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid quiet, secluded areas late at night.


Daegu is fairly easy to navigate for a solo female traveler because it has a highly efficient public transportation system. The city is equipped with a simplified subway system and a widespread network of buses, enabling you to reach almost any part of the city. However, while most signs are also in English, the language barrier might be a slight challenge as not everyone speaks English fluently. So, be prepared with a translation app or guide to assist you. Aside from that, locals are generally friendly and willing to help.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Daegu is a vibrant city full with a blend of modern and traditional attractions. It's home to an intriguing mix of ancient temples, beautiful parks, and cutting-edge theme parks. You can enjoy both, the panoramic city views at the top of a cable car ride on Apsan Park, or some must-see traditional sites like the Donghwasa Temple. Being the cosmetic hub of South Korea, you can explore the beauty street of Dongseong-ro. The place is also rich with various unique cafes, making it a haven for coffee enthusiasts. It's a city that certainly contains enough activities to keep any solo female traveler occupied.

Food:Above average

The food scene in Daegu is quite diverse. While most of the culinary offerings are Korean, you can find a good mix from different cuisines as well. The city's specialties like spicy beef soup and chicken gizzard stir-fry are a must-try. Street food is prevalent, with stands offering various snacks such as spicy rice cakes and fish cakes. You'll also find an abundance of fresh seafood. There's room for improvement in terms of global cuisine, but overall, the food in Daegu is enjoyable and offers a good variety.


Daegu falls in the mid-range in terms of budget-friendliness. Accommodation is reasonably priced with hostels and budget hotels available, and street food and local cuisines are delicious and often cheap. Public transportation is affordable and efficient. However, some shopping districts and high-end restaurants can be expensive.

Is Daegu worth visiting?

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