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Nelspruit, also known as Mbombela, is a vibrant, sub-tropical city located in the North Eastern part of South Africa, nestled in the fertile valley of the Crocodile River. This cosmopolitan city is the capital of the Mpumalanga province and serves as a major stopover point for tourists on their way to the legendary Kruger National Park and the scenic Panorama Route. Nelspruit is celebrated for its pleasant year-round climate, lush landscapes, and an array of natural attractions including the spectacular Lowveld Botanical Garden. Its close proximity to Mozambique and Swaziland as well as its rich assortment of shopping malls, restaurants, and sports facilities adds to its appeal for both local and international visitors.

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Nelspruit offers an array of attractions and activities, but like many other cities, safety can sometimes be issue. During the day, public spaces are generally safe as they're often well patrolled. However, it is advisable to be careful after dark and avoid deserted or poorly lit areas. Staying vigilant and practicing basic safety precautions such as not displaying wealth and using reliable means of transportation is highly advised.


Navigating Nelspruit isn't overly difficult, but it does present some challenges. While it's equipped with a number of transport options like taxis and buses, the routes may not always be straightforward, which could be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with the city. It's also advisable to be cautious and attentive to personal safety, especially when traveling at night. However, locals are generally friendly and helpful in providing directions.

Things to do:Interesting

Nelspruit, the gateway to the renowned Kruger National Park, is an ideal base for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. From thrilling game drives and bird watching in the park, to exploring the jaw-dropping beauty of the Panorama Route, there's no shortage of outdoor adventures. If you're interested in botany, Lowveld National Botanical Garden is a must-visit. Also, this city offers a range of cafés, restaurants, and local markets to sample regional cuisine.

Food:Above average

Nelspruit offers a delightful culinary scene inspired by Africa's varying flavors and international cuisines. Street food markets are prominent, offering anything from traditional barbecue to unique types like ostrich and kudu. The city also features modern eateries serving up a fusion of African and European dishes. The quality is superb, freshness is commendable, and the portions are generous. However, the range of restaurants and food types may not be as extensive as in large cosmopolitan cities.


Nelspruit is considered to be moderately budget-friendly. Accommodation can be found at many different price points, from budget hostels to more luxurious hotels. Eating out is affordable with a range of options from fast food to higher end restaurants. Public transportation is also reasonably inexpensive. However, tourist activities like game drives can increase costs significantly.

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