Is Western Cape Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

The Western Cape of South Africa is considered moderately safe for solo female travelers. Cape Town, a popular city within the region, has safe neighborhoods for tourists, but it is also known for having areas where crime is quite prevalent. A vigilant traveler can safely explore its breathtaking landscapes, cuisine and culture. It's recommended to maintain discretion, avoid late-night walks or desolate areas, and always stay connected with local contacts or fellow travelers.

Safety rating

3.5 /5

Based on research and crime data

Safety overview

Safety at night:Unsafe

Western Cape offers beautiful sights, but it's highly recommended to be cautious at night. Walking alone is generally not advised due to instances of crime often being reported more frequently after dark. Always plan your routes, stick to well-lit areas, and use reliable transportation whenever possible. Remember, your safety matters the most!

Public transportation: Moderate

Public transportation in Western Cape, varies in terms of safety. The general rule is to remain vigilant at all times. Daytime use of public transportation like buses and minicabs is generally safer. Uber is often considered as a safer option for solo female travelers. However, please be aware and avoid using public transport late at night as it can be risky. Always avoid unlicensed taxis.

Street harassment: Moderate

Street harassment in Western Cape, does occur, but the level can vary depending on location and circumstances. In the more tourist-frequented areas, safety measures are generally in place and street harassment is not as prevalent. However, in some less populated or less visited parts of the Western Cape, it is possible to encounter unsolicited attention or remarks from locals. Being vigilant especially at night is advised.

Petty crimes:High

The Western Cape of South Africa can be an enchanting destination, however, petty crimes such as pickpocketing and bag-snatching, especially in crowded areas are quite prevalent. Some travelers have also reported scams and theft from hotel rooms. It is advised to keep your personal belongings closely guarded, especially in public transport and tourist areas. Always use reliable avenue for your accommodations to avoid thefts.

Tap water:Moderate

In major cities and towns of Western Cape, including Cape Town, the tap water is generally safe for drinking as it is treated to remove harmful bacteria. However, it may still contain some minor impurities, and visitors with sensitive stomachs might experience discomfort. Furthermore, rural or less-developed areas may not have the same level of water treatment, so it's recommended to use bottled water there. Always check the clarity and smell of the water before consuming.

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