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Nestled comfortably in the majestic province of Mpumalanga, South Africa, Graskop is a picturesque town renowned for its scenic beauty and adventurous allure. Surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the panoramic Drakensberg mountains and lush verdant forests, Graskop serves as an incredible hub for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Renowned for its iconic landmarks like God's Window, the Pinnacle Rock, and the awe-inspiring Lisbon Waterfalls, the town is a treasure trove of stunning landscapes and untouched wilderness. Not to be missed is the engaging Graskop Gorge Lift, where visitors can descend into a lush forest below, making Graskop a quintessential stop on the South African travel circuit.

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Graskop is generally a very safe town in South Africa. It is a tourist-friendly area known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Most visitors have no safety issues. However, like any other place, it is advisable to always remain cautious, especially during late hours. Avoid remote areas if you are alone, and make sure you use reputable taxi services.


Getting around Graskop is relatively easy due to its small size and its laid-back nature. The town is walkable and local maps are widely available, making navigation simple. However, depending on the season, the weather and terrain can create mild challenges. Be prepared for occasional steep hills when going to local attractions.

Things to do:Interesting

Graskop is a gateway to the Panorama Route known for its scenic landscapes. There are ample activities such as hiking through the lush forests, exploring the captivating waterfalls like Lisbon and Berlin Falls, or taking an adrenaline rush on the Graskop Gorge Lift. You can't miss panoramic views in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve and eye-catching God's Window. A wealth of coffee shops and restaurants are also there to be enjoyed. Though there might not be bustling city life, the town is perfect for natural beauty and outdoor enthusiasts. Proper safety measures should be considered while traveling solo.

Food:Above average

Graskop offers a diverse range of dining options. As a traveler, expect to find a mix of traditional South African dishes, along with international cuisines. The quality of food is overall impressive, with local ingredients being extensively used. The town is particularly known for its sweet treats, such as pancakes and fudges. However, vegetarians and vegans may find options slightly limited.


Graskop is relatively budget-friendly for the solo female traveler. Accommodation options range from affordable hostels to more upscale guesthouses, fitting a variety of budget styles. Dining, including delicious local cuisine, can be found at reasonable prices. Public transportation and rentals are economical and convenient. Attractions like the 'Pinnacle Rock' and 'God's Window' require small entry fees, while natural attractions like the many wonderful hikes around Graskop can be experienced for free.

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