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Gisenyi, located at the north-western edge of Rwanda, borders the shimmering waters of Lake Kivu and is one of Africa's most beautiful and serene spots. The region is best known for its relaxed ambiance, pristine sandy beaches, and awe-inspiring views of the lake. As a gateway to the Virunga National Park, Gisenyi allows visitors to enjoy nature trails, hot springs, bird-watching opportunities, and the chance to witness the magnificence of Rwanda's famed mountain gorillas. The city is also renowned for its breweries that produce Banana Beer, enticing tourists from around the globe. Its untamed beauty and unruffled composure make Gisenyi a must-visit destination for anyone seeking tranquillity amidst Rwanda's natural pulchritude.

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Gisenyi is generally safe for solo female travelers. However, like anywhere, it's important to take precautions. Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa, with low rates of crime. The locals are friendly and willing to help should you need direction or assistance. In Gisenyi, tourism is quite common, which further aids in safety as the locals are accustomed to foreigners. Nevertheless, ensure you avoid walking alone at night, be cautious of your belongings at all times, and use registered taxis for late-night travel.


Gisenyi offers a relatively smooth commuting experience. It's not a very large city, so distances are manageable, and many key spots can be reached on foot. There's also a robust availability of bicycle taxis and moto-taxis, making it even easier to travel longer distances. However, please be mindful that not all drivers respect traffic rules, and language might be a slight barrier in communicating with locals, so ensure your safety first.

Things to do:Interesting

Gisenyi is an inviting lake city located on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its prime location on Lake Kivu offers a plethora of sunny-day activities like swimming, beach relaxation, boat tours, and even kayaking. It's also home to Rwanda's largest brewery, providing an insight into the country's beer-making process. For history and culture enthusiasts, local walking tours offer a glimpse into the everyday life of Rwandans. Nature lovers will enjoy Volcanoes National Park nearby where gorilla trekking is a popular activity. So, regardless of what kind of traveler you are, Gisenyi has plenty to offer.

Food:Above average

The food variety in Gisenyi is pleasantly diverse, including not only delicious local Rwandan food but also international cuisine to cater to the taste buds of more global eaters. Street food like brochettes (grilled skewers) are plentiful. Several dining places offer an array of Western, Asian and Mediterranean dishes too. Vegetarians may find fewer options but still manageable. However, the presentation and hygiene standards may not be as high as what's found in high-end restaurants in developed countries. The overall food scene is pleasing but leaves a tiny room for improvement for it to reach the top notch.


Gisenyi falls in a mid-ranged budget for travelers. Affordable accommodations and street food make a considerable portion of the travel cost-friendly. However, activities like visiting the nearby national parks and the costs linked to transportation may raise your budget slightly.

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