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San Mateo, situated in the heart of the Rizal province in the Philippines, holds an abundance of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nestled on the island of Luzon with the majestic Sierra Madre Mountain Range at its backdrop, San Mateo is renowned for its inviting atmosphere, charm, and vibrant local markets overflowing with exotic fruits, fish, and Filipino crafts. Its proximity to Metro Manila gives travelers the perfect blend of city life and pastoral havens. The town is well-known for its vibrant festivals, such as the 'Higantes Festival' and 'Kakanin Festival', celebrating local culture and native cuisines. The residents' warm Filipino hospitality and town's panoramic views present an unforgettable experience, making San Mateo a must-visit destination for travel enthusiasts around the globe.

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Is San Mateo good for solo travel?



San Mateo is generally considered relatively safe for solo female travelers. Like in many places, some common sense precautions will help ensure a smooth trip. It's recommended to avoid walking alone late at night and keep a close eye on personal belongings. Locals are known for their warmth and hospitality. Nonetheless, make sure to research and plan your travel details well to ensure you're informed about local customs, areas to avoid, and areas with high criminal activity.


Getting around San Mateo is moderately convenient. It is not a large city, so distances are not excessive. However, the public transportation network might be challenging for foreigners to understand initially. Knowledge of the local language is beneficial when asking for directions. Traffic congestion can be an issue, especially during peak hours, so patience may be necessary. Due to its geographical location, some areas can be difficult to reach during the rainy season. However, there are various options available like tricycles, jeepneys, and taxis for moving around.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

San Mateo falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Its natural scenery is its main attraction, offering serene viewpoints, hiking trails, and outdoor activities such as the Phillip's Sanctuary for nature lovers. Shopping centers and local diners present in San Mateo give a taste of local life. It may not boast well-known historic landmarks or a bustling nightlife, but its quieter spirit is part of its charm.

Food:Above average

San Mateo offers a wide range of Filipino cuisine that are rich in flavor and display the diverse cultural influences in Philippine history. You can easily find local delicacies made from fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables and meats. And while traditional cooking methods are commonly used, there are food establishments that add innovative twists to classic Filipino dishes. Also available are a few international options, including American and Asian cuisine, although not as diversified. If you are a fan of adventurous eating and trying new local dishes, you will enjoy the food scene here!


San Mateo offers a balance between cost and enjoyment for travelers. Accommodation, local food, and transportation can be quite affordable, though prices can inflate during peak tourist seasons or in more upscale areas. While it's more budget-friendly than top-tier cities, it's not the cheapest destination in the country.

Is San Mateo worth visiting?

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