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Basco is a scenic destination nestled on the serene Batan Island, the northernmost part of the Philippines, in the province of Batanes. This captivating town is best known for its breathtaking landscapes which include rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and stunning beaches that mimic the tranquil beauty of Scotland. It houses landmarks like Basco Lighthouse, an iconic structure offering panoramic views of the South China Sea, and the Vayang Rolling Hills, a vast stretch of lush mountainside ending abruptly in dramatic cliff faces descending into the ocean. Visit the resilient stone houses of the Ivatan ethnicity, and enjoy the intimate connection with nature in Mount Iraya, Basco's highest point. Basco’s unique blend of raw natural beauty and rich cultural heritage offers an unparalleled experience for the adventurous traveler.

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Safety:Very safe

Basco is generally safe for solo female travelers. Locals are friendly and hospitable, and crimes against tourists are rare. However, it's important to be vigilant, especially after dark. Make sure to respect local customs and dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention.


Basco is a relatively small town which makes it pretty convenient to explore. Despite not having many public transportation options, you can easily rent a bicycle, tricycle or a scooter to navigate the area. Be mindful of the somewhat hilly terrain. Some attractions are more remote and may require a more strenuous ride. A guided tour may be helpful to fully appreciate the rich culture and history.

Things to do:Interesting

Basco, the capital city of the Batanes Islands, offers a breathtakingly peaceful and natural experience for any traveler. Its untouched beaches, rolling hills, and lighthouses offer stunning views and photo opportunities, and the local Ivatan culture is welcoming and rich in history. From exploring its unique geological and geographical features such as Valugan Boulder Beach and Vayang Rolling Hills, to immersing yourself in the local culture by trying local foods and exploring Basco's pueblo-style stone houses, the city certainly offers a plenty of activities for solo female travelers who want to immerse themselves in nature, history, and culture. Although it may not have the bustling nightlife or shopping scene of larger cities, it more than makes up for it with its charm and natural beauty.

Food:Above average

The food options in Basco are varied, from local Filipino cuisine to fresh seafood dishes due to Basco's coastal location. Expect beautifully prepared dishes with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. However, the number of foreign or Western restaurants is limited.


Basco might show a moderately mixed impression when it comes to budget-friendliness. Accommodation options in Basco vary from budget guesthouses to more luxurious stays, with the cost often reflecting this difference. Meals are generally affordable especially if you opt for local cuisines at modest restaurants. Transportation like tricycles or renting a bike, is also reasonably priced. However, the cost of getting to this remote location could be quite high, as flights to Basco are typically more expensive due to its isolated location. Therefore, it's ideal if you plan meticulously to maintain your budget.

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