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Aparri, a captivating coastal town located in the province of Cagayan, Northern Philippines, is truly an enchanting gem that nature lovers would undoubtedly enjoy. Situated at the country's northernmost tip where the forces of the Cagayan River and the South China Sea meet, Aparri is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The town is famed for its vibrant fishing industry and is enveloped with verdant landscapes and stunning grey sand beaches. Additionally, Aparri is known for the breathtakingly beautiful Paddaya Festival, an annual spectacle that peaks every April showcasing local talent through cultural and traditional performances. So if you're seeking an authentic Filipino cultural immersion and tranquil beach escapade, Aparri is an ideal destination.

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Aparri usually provides a safe environment, especially for female solo travelers. Crime rates are generally lower as compared to other towns, but standard precautions should still be observed. Filipinos are known for their hospitality and locals are often helpful and respectful towards tourists. Public transport such as jeepneys and tricycles are commonly used and mostly safe. It is advisable to avoid isolated areas especially at night, and to keep an eye on personal belongings as pickpocketing can occur. Overall, the safety situation in Aparri should allow for a worry-free trip.


Aparri provides a moderate experience when it comes to travelling solo. While the locals are generally friendly and helpful, English is commonly spoken and understood. However, the public transport system isn't very streamlined or systematic, hence it may take some time to understand routes. The area is quite walkable, but might not be convenient to roam around in certain sections due to infrequent or unpredictable weather changes. Additionally, there aren't many signboards, which could sometimes make it difficult to navigate.

Things to do:Moderate

Aparri is a quaint coastal town in the northern part of Luzon in the Philippines. Its scenic, tranquil beach is its main attraction. You could spend long days out lounging under the sun or taking strolls along the shoreline. The town is characterized by warm, welcoming locals, simple living, and delicious local cuisine. Although there are not many high-thrill activities or famous landmarks here, Aparri can be a peaceful getaway for those who are looking to unwind, get immersed in local culture, and escape the rush of city life.

Food:Above average

Aparri offers a range of food options highlighting local ingredients and traditional Filipino recipes. Seafood, given its coastal location, is especially fresh and plentiful. You can find staples such as Adobo, Sinigang, and the infamous Balut. Be prepared for an exploration of flavors, from sour to sweet to savory, in various local eateries and modest markets. It might lack international or fusion cuisine, but certainly not short on authenticity and heartiness.


Aparri falls under a quite budget-friendly destination. Accommodations, public transportation, and meals are relatively inexpensive enabling travelers to explore the town and its attractions without breaking the bank. However, activities and some special services like guided tours may add extra cost.

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