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Astana, now known as Nur-Sultan, is the dynamic and futuristic capital city of Kazakhstan situated in the heart of the country's vast landscapes. This vibrant city is known for its modern architecture, showcasing an array of fascinating structures such as the Bayterek Tower, which provides a stunning panoramic view of the metropolis, and the Khan Shatyr Shopping Center, noted for being the world's largest tent. It's also home to the ethereal-looking Nur-Astana Mosque - one of the largest mosques in Asia. With its bustling local markets, delicious local cuisine, and theatrical performances at the Astana Opera, Nur-Sultan offers a unique blend of traditional Kazakh culture with ultra-modern urban living.

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Astana, now renamed Nur-Sultan, is relatively safe for solo female travelers. Most areas are well lit and populated until late, and people are generally friendly. However, like in any city, it's essential to remain vigilant especially after dark and in less crowded areas. Be cautious when taking public transportation, particularly taxis. Make sure to use trusted taxi services. Also, understanding a bit of the local language or having a translation app can be helpful as English is not widely spoken outside the tourist areas.


Astana, now known as Nur-Sultan, offers a moderate level of convenience for travelers. While it might not be as easy as some western cities, the city is fairly navigable with a variety of reliable public transport options like buses, trams, and taxis. The cityscape is quite modern and landmarks are well-distributed, making it easier to get your bearings. English is not commonly spoken, so learning a few phrases in the local language can be helpful for smoother travel.

Things to do:Interesting

Astana, now renamed Nur-Sultan, offers a unique blend of modern architecture and traditional Kazakh culture. For any adventurous solo female traveler, the striking cityscape, featuring futuristic buildings like the Nur-Astana Mosque and the Bayterek Tower, is a delight to explore. Moreover, the city offers an array of galleries, museums and theaters that cater to those with a love for the arts and history. Safety is generally quite good and the locals are hospitable, which makes navigating the city comfortable. However, communication may be a challenge as English speakers are limited.

Food:Above average

Astana, now known as Nur-Sultan, offers a wide range of both traditional Kazakh and international cuisines. From hearty meat dishes to unique dairy products, the local cuisine can be an interesting experience. While it may lack a little in global diversity, the quality and authenticity of the local food is impressive. Street food, like puffy bread and shashlik skewers, is also a must-try. For those interested in fine dining, there are a good number of upscale restaurants offering global cuisines. Vegetarians might need to be a bit creative, as meat forms a significant part of the diet here.


Astana, now officially known as Nur-Sultan, stands moderately on the budget-friendly scale for solo female travelers. While the cost of living is quite low compared to other major cities around the world, tourism services can sometimes be pricey. Accommodations range from affordable hostels to high-end hotels. Eating at local restaurants and using public transportation can help you save money. But, keep in mind that prices for tourist attractions and guided tours can be a bit high.

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Astana is a new city, built specifically as the capital. We spent one night in Astana and that was enough. I recommend visiting the mosque and the tower. About 1.5 hours from Astana is a former gulag (for women and children) - we hired a driver to take us there.

Posted: June 9, 2022
Things to do: 3/5Food: 3/5Budget-friendly: 4/5Safety: 5/5
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