Solo Female Travel in Nagano

Nagano, located in the heart of Japan on the island of Honshu, is an enchanting tourist destination, surrounded by the majestic Japanese Alps. Known worldwide as the host city of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is a spectacular paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, boasting fantastic ski resorts such as the iconic Hakuba Valley, the monkey hot springs at Jigokudani Yaen Park, and stunning temples including the historic Zenkoji Temple, a major pilgrimage site. A combination of rich cultural heritage, delicious local cuisine such as soba noodles and Shinshu apple, and remarkable natural beauty makes Nagano a must-visit gem in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Is Nagano good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Nagano, is an exceptionally safe destination for solo female travelers. The people are polite and respectful, and crime rates are very low. Health and safety standards are high and public transportation is reliable and safe. Local authorities are helpful and there's a strong police presence. While no place can guarantee 100% safety, as long as you apply common travel sense, like not roaming in deserted places late at night and keeping your valuables safe, Nagano offers a security level close to that.


Navigating around Nagano is generally straightforward and enjoyable. English is commonly used on signage, making it easier for non-Japanese speakers. Routes are clearly marked and the city layout is easy to understand. However, during peak travel times, such as ski season, some pathways may become crowded, so planning ahead is advised.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Nagano offers a fulfilling and diverse experience for solo female travelers. Its rich cultural history can be explored in temples like the Zenko-Ji Temple. It is also home to the beautiful Matsumoto Castle and the historic Ueda Castle. Space lovers can explore the stars at the Nagano City Science Museum. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Park Kusatsu Shirane or trek the Togakushi Shrine Okusha. For relaxation, Sake brewery tours and myriad Onsen, or hot springs, are available. Nevertheless, providing safety, affordability, accessibility, and clear English instructions might be a challenge. Remember, every travel experience is highly individual.

Food:Above average

Nagano offers a diverse range of cuisine that is not only delectable but of high quality as well. The region places an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients which reflects in its fresh and unique flavors. Famous for its soba noodles and fruit produce, particularly apples and grapes, there's plenty to satisfy the gastronomically curious traveler. However, visitors with special dietary requirements may occasionally face some challenges.


Nagano presents a moderate budget challenge for a solo female traveler. The cost of living here is cheaper than in major cities like Tokyo or Kyoto, but still higher compared to many other Asian cities. Accommodations range from inexpensive guesthouses to pricier upscale hotels. Local food is affordable and public transport is reliable and reasonably priced. However, costs can escalate if you decide to visit many cultural sites or participate in local experiences that require an entry fee.

Is Nagano worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

Very safe for solo travelers, recommend seeing the monkeys. Good to know some basic Japanese as less English used in rural areas. Be sure to visit a local bath house for an interesting authentic experience.

Posted: July 9, 2024
Things to do: 5/5Food: 4/5Budget-friendly: 3/5Safety: 5/5
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