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El Remate is a small village situated in the northern part of Guatemala, nestling on the shores of Lake Peten Itza, en route to the world-renowned and UNESCO-designated archaeological site, Tikal. It is predominantly known for its distinctive woodwork crafts and alluring, tranquil atmosphere. With its laid-back rhythm, beautifully carved sculptures, and impressive access to biodiversity, El Remate offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and ecological exploration. Its clear, warm waters are perfect for swimming, and the sunsets viewed from the lakeside are simply breathtaking. El Remate is also a veritable paradise for bird-watchers, with numerous species contributing to a chorus of avian song at dawn and dusk. It offers visitors a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle and allows them to connect with the natural beauty and rich culture of Guatemala.

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El Remate, typically offers a safe environment for solo female travelers. It is a tourist-friendly town with a lower crime rate compared to other regions. However, like anywhere else, maintaining personal safety measures is still essential. As a precaution, avoid traveling alone at night and don't display valuables in public. Local people are generally welcoming and helpful.


El Remate has a small and walkable layout making it easy for solo female travelers to navigate. Buses and shuttles are also available options if you want to travel longer distances or visit nearby places like Tikal, however in peak times they might be crowded. It is advisable always to be aware of your surroundings, carry a map, and understand where you're going.

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El Remate, boasts of its natural beauty with breathtaking views of Lake Peten Itza and beholds an entryway to the renowned Tikal National Park, famous for its Maya civilization ruins. It offers a quieter and serene alternative to the bustling city life where you can enjoy activities like swimming, kayaking, and hiking, as well as local crafts. While the town itself is relatively small, it presents a unique cultural experience and beautiful landscapes to explore, making it worthwhile for those who enjoy nature and historical sights.


El Remate offers a decent amount of food diversity for its small size, with a mix of local Guatemalan cuisine and some international options. Local street food is a popular choice. However, the offerings may not be as varied as a larger city or town. Quality could be hit or miss depending on where you go, but finding delicious meals is possible. Vegetarian and vegan options may be somewhat limited. Always use caution with street food to avoid any potential health issues.


El Remate is relatively budget-friendly. The accommodation options range from budget hostels to more expensive hotels, all reasonably priced. Grocery and restaurant costs are also on the lower end. Transportation is inexpensive, especially if you utilize local means such as Tuk-Tuks or buses. However, costs can increase if you plan on taking part in a variety of tours or activities.

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