Solo Female Travel in Monteria

Monteria, the vibrant capital city of the Cordoba Department, is a hidden gem nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of northern Colombia. Boasting a unique blend of enthralling nature and rich cultural heritage, it is beautifully veined by the Sinú River that creates an enchanting, serene backdrop. Monteria is renowned for its biodiversity, housing Reserva Natural Sanguare, a nature reserve with endless mangroves and exotic wildlife. The city's gastronomic delights, particularly mouth-watering local beef, draw both food enthusiasts and curious travellers alike. Moreover, it is globally recognised as the "City of Eternal Summer", punishable by its warm, tropical climate that brightly persists all year round. From horse riding across its rural plains to exploring its colonial architecture, Monteria beautifully combines the authenticity of Colombian culture with the charm of untouched nature.

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Is Monteria good for solo travel?



Monteria demonstrates a moderate level of safety for solo female travelers. It is of paramount importance to stay cautious, especially during evening hours. Some parts of the city are safer than others. Being aware of your surroundings, not flashing valuables, and avoiding secluded or poorly lit areas at night is suggested. Nevertheless, locals are usually friendly and helpful. Public transportation is typically reliable and safe to use in daytime. Although general crimes against tourists like pickpocketing do occur, serious crime rates are relatively low.


Monteria offers a decent level of ease for getting around. As long as you are vigilant and use common sense, moving around is quite manageable. The public transportation system is simple to figure out, albeit a bit crowded during rush hours. However, there are slight language barriers as not everyone speaks English. Plenty of taxis are available, and walking around is quite common in safe areas during daylight hours. Be aware of the cultural norms and respect local traditions for a smoother experience.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Monteria presents a rich palette of experiences for solo female travelers. The city is vibrant with local arts, culture, and a thriving culinary scene. The biodiversity of Sinú River is worth exploring, adding a delightful element of surprise for nature enthusiasts. Well-maintained parks and public spaces such as Simon Bolivar Park and Ronda Del Sinú provide opportunities for peaceful strolling and local interaction. For adventure seekers, a boat trip to San Bernardo del Viento offers stunning beaches and diving spots. Security is generally good, but travelers should remain aware of their surroundings.

Food:Above average

Monteria offers an impressive variety of local dishes steeped in Colombia's rich culinary tradition. Specialties include Costeño cheese, Suero Atollabuey, and abundant seafood straight from both the river and the Caribbean Sea. Feast on incredibly fresh fruits at bustling local markets and discover unknown delicacies. Sometimes, however, finding vegetarian or vegan options can be a bit challenging. Yet, overall, the flavors are delightful and the food scene is worth exploring.


Monteria has a moderate affordability level for solo female travelers. While you won't necessarily find it to be the cheapest destination in South America, many services like local transportation, street food and local markets are relatively inexpensive. However, prices for accommodation and upscale dining may be slightly higher. Additionally, keep in mind that as a foreigner, you might be quoted higher prices in certain situations, until you become adept at negotiating prices in Spanish.

Is Monteria worth visiting?

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