Solo Female Travel in Guatapé

Nestled in the province of Antioquia, Colombia, Guatapé is renowned for its vibrant, candy-colored houses adorned with Zócalos, which are striking, sculpted boards on the lower parts of the buildings. Only two hours from Medellín, this charming Andean resort town offers a cornucopia of activities for visitors. Guatapé is famous for La Piedra Del Peñol, a gigantic granite monolith where you can climb 649 steps to relish panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. The town is also known for the idyllic Guatapé reservoir, ideal for boating excursions, and its cobblestone streets lined with shops selling unique artisanal goods.

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Is Guatapé good for solo travel?



Guatapé is generally considered to be safe for solo female travelers. Many tourists visit this beautiful place frequently. However, even though it's predominantly safe, it's advisable to remain vigilant at all times, especially during night hours. Avoid deserted areas and keep your belongings safe. Like any major tourist spot, petty crimes like pickpocketing could occur. Always ask for reliable local travel advice. The locals are typically friendly and willing to assist with directions and recommendations.


Guatapé is quite manageable to navigate as a solo female traveler. Most popular attractions like the Guatapé Rock are within a manageable distance. However, the town can be hilly and the cobblestone streets can be challenging. Basic Spanish knowledge is beneficial for communication. Safety is typically good but maintaining usual travel precautions is advisable.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Guatapé is a vibrant and picturesque town filled with activities for all types of travelers. As a solo female traveler, you will find plenty to see and do. You can explore the colourful streets filled with Zócalos (brightly painted bas-reliefs), climb the 740 steps of El Peñón de Guatapé for breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and islands, and enjoy water sports and outdoor activities on the lake. The town itself provides a unique and inviting cultural immersion with its artistic streets, friendly locals, delicious food, and intriguing history. Safety should always be a priority, but Guatapé is generally considered a safe place for solo female travelers with proper precautions. Remember, respect local customs and etiquette for the best experience.

Food:Above average

The food in Guatapé offers a decent selection of both traditional Colombian dishes as well as international options due to the influence of many tourists in the area. It includes delicious regional specialities such as trout and larger standard meals like Bandeja Paisa. New interesting flavors can be found in local street food as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are widely available in local markets. It does lack a bit in terms of fine dining and broader global cuisine, but the variety and quality of Colombian food will truly enrich your trip.


Guatapé, is quite budget-friendly. You can find affordable accommodation options, including hostels and budget hotels. Local food, transportation, and activities such as visiting El Peñol, are relatively inexpensive. However, some adventure sports and top-tier dining might add a bit to your expenses.

Is Guatapé worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

I booked a one-day trip to Guatape and it was fantastic. I climbed up the rock (El Peñon) which offers an amazing view. Then we went for a boat ride, had a Colombian lunch, and then we had a guided tour around Guatape. I felt very safe. There are many great shops and food places. I highly recommend visiting Guatape.

Posted: May 1, 2023
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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