Solo Female Travel in Kratie

Kratie is a charming town situated on the east bank of the mighty Mekong River, in the eastern part of Cambodia. This secluded and picturesque town is renowned for its delightful riverine landscapes and glorious sunsets over the Mekong. Kratie is primarily known as one of the few places where the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins can be spotted. Besides sighting the rare aquatic creatures, visitors can also journey back in time by exploring the numerous colonial buildings distributed around the town, visit Phnom Sambok, a beautiful Buddhist temple home to panoramic views, and engage with the local communities residing on the tranquil Koh Trong Island. Despite its remote location, Kratie promises a unique and unforgettable experience that combines wildlife, nature, and culture.

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Is Kratie good for solo travel?



Kratie is generally safe for solo female travelers. The locals are amiable and it's a peaceful riverside town with relatively low crime. However, as with any destination, it's important to stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night, and take precautions like not displaying valuable possessions openly. While travel in some isolated regions might require extra caution, overall, many solo female travelers have found their stay in Kratie unproblematic.


Kratie, with its small size, offers quite a manageable navigation experience. While there might not be a plethora of public transport options, renting bicycles or motorbikes for self-exploration is commonly done by travelers. Moreover, this region is relatively flat, which makes cycling a hands-down option. However, keep in mind, English is not widely spoken, so carry a map or have a translation app handy.
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Things to do:Moderate

Kratie, with its charming riverfront, offers several engaging activities. It is a great spot for observing fresh water Irrawaddy dolphins, a unique experience for wildlife enthusiasts. The surrounding rural areas also provide authentic glimpses into traditional Cambodian life. Temples, colonial-era buildings, and nearby islands add to the sightseeing list. However, the town itself is limited in terms of urban attractions and modern amenities, giving it a laid-back ambiance.


The culinary scene in Kratie offers a decent variety, mostly consisting of traditional Cambodian cuisine, with a few western options available. Local markets provide authentic food experiences where you can try local delicacies. Vegan and vegetarian options might be slightly limited. However, don't miss out on fresh tropical fruits and local rice dishes.


Kratie is quite budget-friendly, especially compared to other tourist spots. Accommodations and local food are inexpensive. Local transportation and sightseeing, such as the Irrawaddy dolphin watching, are also very affordable. However, high-end dining and accommodation options can be pricier, hence the score doesn't hit a perfect 5.

Is Kratie worth visiting?

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