Solo Female Travel in Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham is a picturesque town known for its tranquil rural charm, located on the banks of the Mekong River in eastern Cambodia. It's well-known for its French colonial architecture, serene riverside setting, and a variety of enchanting historical sites. Kampong Cham's most famous attraction is the ancient temple of Wat Nokor, an 11th-century sandstone and laterite structure, which is a fascinating fusion of the old with a 'newer' 19th-century Theravada Buddhist temple. Another highlight is the bamboo bridge to Koh Paen which amazingly gets rebuilt every year after the monsoon, showcasing local craftsmanship. Taking a relaxed bike ride or a stroll around the area to witness the rustic life of the countryside adorned with lush green rice fields and rubber plantations is a serene experience that, like the rest of Kampong Cham, should not be missed.

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Is Kampong Cham good for solo travel?



Kampong Cham is a fairly safe destination for solo female travelers. The local people are generally friendly and helpful, and serious crime is relatively low. However, it is advisable to remain cautious at all times, especially at night or in less populated areas. Like in any other destination, it is important to respect local customs and cultures, and ensure your belongings are secured. It is also advised to book accommodation in advance, stick to populated areas especially during the night and use reputable transportation.


Kampong Cham's size is manageable and many of its main attractions are within walking distance from the city center. You can navigate easily on foot, or opt for bicycle or motorbike rental options which are readily available. While english is not widely spoken, friendly locals are often willing to help out. However, it lacks a sophisticated public transport system which could potentially limit access to some farther areas.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Kampong Cham offers a number of unique experiences rewarding the solo female traveler. There are many historical and culturally significant sites such as the Wat Nokor temple complex and the Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei hills, with their own legends and history, offering fascinating insights. The bamboo bridge and rubber plantations can also be visited for a unique look into local life. The city's serene ambiance and riverside views offer a peaceful retreat. However, attractions are somewhat limited compared to other destinations in Cambodia, and some may find the lack of bustling activity less vibrant.

Food:Above average

Kampong Cham offers a decent array of Khmer and Asian cuisine. Seafood dishes, rice meals, and noodle soups are very common, each served with distinct Cambodian flavors. You can find various local markets selling fresh fruits and delicacies, and street food stalls offering cheap and authentic eating experience. Occasionally, Western-style dishes are available. While the taste is delightful, the options might not be as extensive compared to larger cities.


Kampong Cham can be very budget-friendly for solo female travelers. Accommodations, food, and transport are typically low-priced, offering good value for money. A good meal can often be found for a few dollars, and budget hotels range from $5-$10 per night. However, keep in mind that while it is relatively cheap, extra excursions or tourist activities may increase the cost.

Is Kampong Cham worth visiting?

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