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Located in the northeastern region of Brazil, Olinda is a charming, historically rich city renowned for its colonial architecture and vibrant culture. Perched on the Atlantic coastline of Pernambuco state, the city offers a picturesque landscape featuring rolling hills, pristine beaches and a stunning sea view. Olinda is famous for its 17th-century architecture, with a well-preserved historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring colorful houses, baroque churches, museums, and convents. Known for its joyful Carnival celebration, the city immerses itself in traditional music, dance, and vivid, giant puppets, attracting travelers from around the world. Olinda is, in essence, a vibrant fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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Olinda is generally safe for solo female travelers during the daytime, especially in the touristy areas where there are usually people around. However, it may be a riskier scenario at night, particularly in remote or poorly lit areas. It's advised to maintain a high level of vigilance, avoid showing valuable belongings in public, and use reliable transport options. Connecting with local women could also be valuable in understanding the nuances of local safety.


Olinda has fairly accessible routes for tourists and locals alike. There are a number of ways to get around including public buses, taxis and on foot. Walking can often be the best way to explore the town, but be prepared for some steep climbs as the city is built on a hill. Additionally, the layout of Olinda is fairly simple, so it's not easy to get lost. Signs and landmarks are quite apparent for navigation. The only aspect that brings down the score is that public bus routes can sometimes be confusing for non-locals. However, with a bit of preparation, it's manageable.

Things to do:Interesting

Olinda is an inviting travel destination filled with vibrant history and culture. It is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, you can take leisurely strolls through its colorful cobbled streets and appreciate its historic churches and convents. The city's rich history is also evident in its many museums, such as the Museum of Sacred Art. Olinda is set on a coastal strip, which allows you to easily access beautiful beaches. Furthermore, there are many local markets and shops to explore, offering you the chance to buy local crafts and taste delicious Brazilian cuisine.

Food:Above average

Brazilian cuisine is known for its richness and diversity, and Olinda is no exception. Local dishes revolve around seafood and tropical fruits due to its coastal location. There's plenty of variety and the tastes are bold and unique, reflecting the city's cultural diversity. Regardless of your gastronomic preferences, you'll always find something delicious. However, the availability of international cuisine is somewhat limited compared to larger cities, hence the rating is not perfect.


Olinda is quite budget-friendly, especially for those who are comfortable with modest accommodations and local cuisine. Staying in local guesthouses or budget hotels and eating at simple restaurants or enjoying street food can be incredibly affordable. Entrance fees to the city's numerous historic sites and museums are typically low cost. However, the cost can go up if you choose higher-end accommodation or dining options, or opt for private guided tours. Public transportation or walking can save you money as taxis can be more expensive.

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About me

Hey, My name is CLARISSA and I'm interested in art, backpacking, books, culture, education, hiking, languages, nature and trekking


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