Solo Female Travel in Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara, often simply referred to as "Jeri," is a beach paradise nestled in the Northern region of Brazil, in the state of Ceará. This tranquil place, once a fishing village, is now renowned as a vacation destination enveloped by stunning blue lagoons, enormous sand dunes, and mesmerizing sunsets. Known for its natural beauty, Jericoacoara's activities are many, including sandboarding down sundrenched dunes, basking in the unique charm of the Pedra Furada rock formation, and exploring the vibrant marine life in tide pools carved from rock. For wind and kitesurfing enthusiasts, the steady winds provide optimal conditions and newbies can take lessons at several schools around the area. At night, the village comes alive with traditional Forró music and capoeira performances creating a captivating ambiance. To make the experience all the more distinct, Jericoacoara is an idyllic place where the roads are paved with sand reinforcing its laid-back beach-town vibe.

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Is Jericoacoara good for solo travel?



Jericoacoara can be a reasonably safe place for solo female travelers. As a popular tourist destination, it has established safety measures in place. However, like anywhere else, one should always remain alert and cautious. It’s advised to avoid the isolated areas and traveling after dark. Always keep personal belongings secure. Locals are generally friendly and willing to help. It’s beneficial to learn a few Portuguese phrases, as English is not widely spoken.


In general, getting around Jericoacoara could be considered fairly straightforward. The village's small size allows for navigation on foot without much difficulty. Since there aren't paved roads, most of the traveling is done on sand, which could be slightly challenging for some. For longer distances, there are options between horses, dune buggies, and jardineiras (local 4x4 taxis). Language could be a barrier for non-Portuguese speakers, although it's manageable with a translation app or basic phrasebook. Safety during night time is not a major issue, but as always, it's best to remain cautious and alert.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Jericoacoara is an exciting destination that has plenty to offer to a solo female traveler. It is famously known for its stunning sunsets on the dunes, white sand beaches, tranquil blue lagoons, and charming little town full of crafts and local delights. Adventure sports such as kite-surfing, sandboarding, and jeep tours to the surrounding natural beauties add an extra layer of fun. Plus, the local culture and the warm welcoming people make you feel safe and at home. However, it might not be as bustling as a city destination, which is why it might not suit everyone's taste.

Food:Above average

Jericoacoara offers a delightful gastronomic journey for solo female travelers. Its cuisine is deeply rooted in traditional Brazilian food, with a high emphasis on seafood due to its coastal location. Much of the food is sourced locally, ensuring its freshness and authenticity. Numerous beachfront spots also serve international food, including Italian, Japanese, and other cuisines. However, vegetarian and vegan options may not be as diverse. Overall, Jericoacoara's food scene is rich, varied, and worth exploring.


Jericoacoara offers a diverse range of budget-friendly as well as premium options. Accommodations, food, and transportation can be easily found in a moderate price range; however, organized tours and adventure sports might take up a more significant portion of your budget. Therefore, it's middle-ground in terms of affordability.

Is Jericoacoara worth visiting?

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