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Aquiraz, located about 27 kilometers from the northeastern city of Fortaleza in Brazil, is one of the major tourist destinations known for its rich history and stunning beaches. This idyllic coastal town is especially famous for the Beach Park water park, which is the largest in Latin America, boasting over 18 attractions for all ages. Additionally, Aquiraz, as one of the oldest towns in Ceará, offers the historical charm of the colonial-era architecture at the Museu Sacro São José de Ribamar, a church turned museum with artefacts dating back to the 18th century. The town also features the Ytacaranha Park Hotel Meruoca, a resort graced with natural pools, waterfalls, and slides that harmonize with the surrounding Atlantic forest. With its ethereal beaches, historical allure, and modern attractions, Aquiraz, Brazil promises a unique, unforgettable travel experience.

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Is Aquiraz good for solo travel?



Aquiraz, like most places in Brazil, may present some safety concerns such as petty thefts and street crimes, which are frequent especially in tourist areas. However, provided you take sensible precautions, such as avoiding deserted places, not flaunting wealth, and keeping personal belongings secure at all times, your experience should generally be safe. The local people are quite friendly and helpful, which makes traveling easier. It is recommended to learn some basic Portuguese for better communication and ensuring more safety.


Aquiraz can be moderately navigated. The local public transportation includes buses and taxis, and routes normally cover most of the tourist spots. However, some places might be easier to reach via car. It's important to note the insufficiency of English spoken, so it's recommended to learn basic Portuguese phrases or use a translation app. Safety can be a concern during night hours, but overall, moving around the city during the day is usually hassle-free.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Aquiraz offers many activities and sights for a solo female traveler. Its rich history allows you to indulge in landmark attractions such as the Museu Sacro São José de Ribamar and Ecomuseum of Ceará. Nature enthusiasts can explore beautiful nature reserves like Praia do Presidio, boasting pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The adventurous can visit Beach Park Aquiraz which combines a beach and an aqua park for varied entertainment. However, the city can be a bit quiet and is preferred by those seeking relaxed vibes rather than a vibrant city experience.

Food:Above average

From robust seafood cuisine of the coastal regions to a varied range of fruits and vegetables, the food in Aquiraz is a delightful blend of flavours and textures, drawing inspiration from African, European, and indigenous gastronomies. Street food is quite popular, making for a truly immersive culinary experience. However, the options for vegetarian or vegan travelers might be slightly limited.


Aquiraz is comparatively budget-friendly. Expenses such as food, accommodation, and local transport are relatively cheap compared to other tourist destinations in Brazil. However, expenses might increase if visiting major local attractions. The exchange rate can also be favorable for foreign tourists.

Is Aquiraz worth visiting?

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