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Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia, is a radiant city steeped in history and culture. Located in the South-Central part of the country, high in the Andes Mountains, Sucre is recognized for its pristine white colonial buildings that have earned it the nickname "The White City." This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its grandeur of old world architecture and pivotal historical landmarks, such as the House of Freedom where Bolivia's independence was designed. Equipped with museums, universities, and the spectacular General Cemetery, Sucre is a unique blend of Spanish influence, indigenous culture, and thriving student life. An exploration of the city isn’t complete without a visit to the open-air markets highlighting the local textiles and traditional Bolivian cuisine. The city's surrounding landscapes, replete with Inca trails and dinosaurs' footprints, make Sucre a gem of historical adventure.

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Sucre, is generally considered a safe destination for solo female travelers. The city locals are kind and welcoming. Most areas are safe to roam even after dusk. However, as in any place around the world, it's still necessary to employ basic safety precautions. Pay attention to your belongings at all times, avoid isolated areas late at night, and be cautious with whom you share personal details. Use reliable transportation, especially at night, and keep emergency numbers on hand. Your overall safety can largely depend on making intelligent, cautious decisions.


Sucre is relatively easy to navigate for the discerning solo traveler. The city itself is compact and mostly walkable. Public transportation options are abundant, and taxis are readily available. Navigate the city safely and purposefully by having a clear understanding and respect for the local customs and rules of the road.

Things to do:Interesting

Sucre, is brimming with unique day-to-day activities. It's a well-preserved colonial city with awe-inspiring architecture, giving you countless photo opportunities. The city hosts numerous language schools, making it ideal for those wishing to learn Spanish. Visit enchanting historical sites such as La Casa de la Libertad and Universidad de San Francisco Xavier, or explore local markets for unique finds. Outdoorsy types can go on hikes and dinosaur footprints trekking at Parque Cretacico. The city's culinary scene is also eclectic and worth exploring.

Food:Above average

Sucre’s culinary scene is quite impressive. Home to a wide variety of food options ranging from traditional Bolivian dishes to international cuisines, there's something for every palate. Street food stalls and local markets offer a true taste of Bolivian culture, while lovely cafes serve excellent coffee and pastries. High-end dining options are also available for those looking to indulge. However, vegetarians and vegans may find options a little limited as a lot of the local dishes are meat-based.


Sucre is quite affordable for solo female travelers. The costs of accommodation, meals, and transportation are relatively low compared to other tourist destinations. The city also offers many free and inexpensive attractions such as the 'Dinosaur Park', local markets, and beautiful architecture around the city center. However, guided tours and some specific activities may add to your overall expenses.

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