Is Uyuni Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Uyuni is generally safe for solo female travelers. The town itself is small and tourists are a common sight due to the popularity of the salt flats. However, like any travel destination, it's essential to maintain common sense when it comes to personal safety, especially during the night. Frequent presence of tourism police also adds to the safety. It's also recommended to choose a reliable tour operator for trips to the salt flats.

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How safe is Uyuni?

Safety at nightModerate

Uyuni, is generally safe for solo female travelers at night. However, just like any other city or town, there are areas that can be unsafe and it's recommended to avoid them. Exercise the normal level of caution, such as avoiding dark and deserted places, and don't flaunt expensive items. Ensure to arrange your transport in advance to avoid being stranded. With common sense and taking precautionary measures, exploring Uyuni can be relatively safe.

Public transportationModerate

Public transportation in Uyuni, such as buses and taxis, is generally reliable, but some caution is advised. Always use authorized taxis and avoid traveling alone at night if possible. There might be instances of petty thefts or scams targeting tourists, hence always keep an eye on your belongings and be alert. Bolivian roads can be challenging, particularly in the rainy season, therefore ensure your transportation service operator follows safety measures.

Street harassmentLow

Uyuni generally has a safe environment for solo female travelers. Locals are relatively friendly and respectful, though occasional looks or stares might be received due to being a foreigner. However, instances of direct street harassment are quite rare. It's always recommended to stay cautious, be aware of your surroundings, and keep personal belongings secure.

Petty crimesModerate

Uyuni generally experiences moderate levels of petty crimes. Most common incidents involve pickpocketing and bag-snatching, particularly in bus stations, markets, and on crowded streets. However, as long as you remain aware of your surroundings, keep your items secure and avoid flashing valuable items in public, you can alleviate this risk significantly.

Tap waterUnsafe

In Uyuni, the tap water is not recommended to drink directly without treating it first. Like many South American countries, the tap water may contain bacteria and parasites that can upset your stomach, and are not safe for continuous consumption. It's advisable to either boil the water for at least one minute, use a trusted water filter, or consume bottled water.

Is Bolivia safe right now?

All travelers planning to visit Bolivia are advised to exercise a high degree of caution due to civil unrest, political and social tensions. It is important to stay updated on local news to be aware of any illegal roadblocks. The risk of violent crime is also present, hence personal safety measures should be taken at all times. Avoid traveling to areas that pose an increased risk. Travel insurance that covers emergencies is advisable. All travelers should respect local laws and customs to prevent any unnecessary issues.

United States Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The United States Government advises exercising increased caution in Bolivia due to civil unrest. Some areas pose an increased risk. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: June 6, 2023

Canada's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Canadian Government advises exercising a high degree of caution in Bolivia. This is due to ongoing political and social tensions, and frequent illegal roadblocks throughout the country. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: February 26, 2024

Australia's Travel AdvisoryExercise a high degree of caution

The Australian Government advises exercising a high degree of caution in Bolivia due to the threat of violent crime and the risk of civil unrest. Check the full travel advisory.
Last updated: January 8, 2024

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