Is San Miguel de Tucumán Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

San Miguel de Tucumán is generally peaceful and friendly, average in terms of safety for solo female travelers. It's important, however, to maintain a good level of awareness, especially at night. Common precautions such as avoiding less populated areas after dark, not displaying expensive belongings openly, and using trusted local transportation should be practiced.

Safety rating

3.5 /5

Based on research and crime data

Safety overview

Safety at night:Moderate

San Miguel de Tucumán, like many other cities, has safe areas and areas where it's less safe, especially at night. It is advisable to avoid lonely streets, and stay in well-lit areas. Also, local guidance is always a big help. Taking a taxi or using ride-hailing apps for late-night transportation is recommended.

Public transportation: Moderate

Public transportation in San Miguel de Tucumán consists mostly of buses which are generally safe and reliable most of the time. However, it's always important to stay vigilant about your belongings and surroundings, especially during peak hours when pickpocketing could be a potential issue. Moreover, it can be crowded and navigating the routes can be quite tricky for a non-Spanish speaker. it's better to avoid traveling alone late at night.

Street harassment: Moderate

San Miguel de Tucumán has occasional instances of street harassment like catcalls but they are not rampant. Locals are generally friendly and eager to help. However, it's still wise to be cautious, especially in the evening.

Petty crimes:Low

San Miguel de Tucumán is a considerably safe city with relatively low cases of petty crimes. Of course, it's always important to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places, but overall you should not encounter any major issues. Pickpocketing and purse snatching could occur, but it is not prominent. Hence, taking the standard precautions should keep you safe.

Tap water:Moderate

The tap water in San Miguel de Tucumán is generally safe for locals who are used to it but it may cause minor health discomforts, such as upset stomach, to foreign travelers. Bottled water is recommended for drinking, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or are not used to foreign water.

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