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Located in the picturesque Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe, lies the vibrant city of Mutare. Renowned as the country’s gateway to the Indian Ocean, Mutare is surrounded by a landscape of impressive mountains, lush green valleys, coffee plantations, and cascading waterfalls. This warm-hearted city is renowned for its rich history, colonial-past architecture, and the peerless art collection housed in its National Gallery. The area surrounding Mutare is known for its wildlife and natural beauty, particularly the Vumba Mountains and Botanical Garden, which offer a wealth of outdoor activities like hiking, birding, and scenic photography. The Mutare Museum, with its display of vintage cars and recreations of traditional homes, is another major attraction drawing thousands of history enthusiasts each year.

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Mutare is moderately safe for solo female travelers. The crime rate is relatively low and women are generally respected. However, it's still essential to maintain caution, especially during the night or in secluded areas. As with any destination, keep valuable belongings secure and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to oneself. Local people are typically warm and helpful, yet it's always necessary to be wary of overly friendly strangers just as one would anywhere else.


Mutare is relatively navigable, primarily if you have familiarized yourself with the city map beforehand. Local bus services are quite dependable but can get cramped. Taxis are available but tend to be slightly more expensive. The local people are friendly and generally helpful if you need directions. However, you should be cautious of personal safety, especially during late hours.

Things to do:Interesting

Mutare offers a beautiful mix of scenic viewpoints, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. The city is nestled in the mountains, providing rich opportunities for hiking and wildlife viewing, particularly in the Vumba Mountains and the nearby Chimanimani National Park. For those interested in local history and culture, Mutare Museum and Utopia House Museum showcase local artifacts and historical context. However, be aware that while it is a safe destination, usual precautions for solo female travelers should be observed.

Food:Above average

The culinary scene in Mutare is incredibly diverse, reflecting the rich cultural mix of Zimbabwe. Visitors can expect to taste traditional African meals, such as Sadza and Game meat. Besides, there are also a variety of foreign cuisines available, such as Italian and Chinese. While the food is wide-ranging in style and palate, it is the freshness and quality of the local ingredients that really stand out. However, there could be a bit more variety for vegetarians or those with specific dietary needs.


Mutare offers a decent mix of cost-effective and pricier options. Accommodations vary from budget hostels to more luxurious hotels, and local foods are generally inexpensive, especially if you choose to eat at local markets. However, some tourist activities can be moderately pricey. Overall, it's fairly balanced when it comes to expenses.

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