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Vung Tau, a stunning seaside city in Southern Vietnam, is an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City which lies just 125 kilometers to its northwest. Nestled in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, it's famous for its long sweeping beaches, including Front Beach and Back Beach, which serve as perfect backdrops for mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise views. Vung Tau holds a significant historical importance offering sites such as the Vung Tau Lighthouse and the iconic 32-meter tall Christ the King, an elevated statue offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. With a multitude of seafood restaurants lining the beachfront, Vung Tau is also well-known for its delectable array of fresh-off-the-boat seafood delicacies.

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Is Vung Tau good for solo travel?



Vung Tau is generally safe for solo female travelers. Crime rates are relatively low and most locals are friendly and hospitable. However, you should exercise standard precautions such as not wandering alone at night in less crowded areas and keeping an eye on your belongings in crowded places.


Vung Tau, is fairly easy to navigate. The city layout is clear and not overly crowded, making it simpler to move around, either on foot or by using local transportation methods. The locals are friendly and helpful, readily assisting with directions. However, the language barrier may pose some difficulty, as not everyone has a strong command of English. Despite this, signage is usually bilingual which aids in navigation.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Vung Tau has a lot to offer solo female travelers. This beach city boasts a variety of activities, such as exploring the Vung Tau Lighthouse for magnificent city views or visiting the nirvana statue - Christ of Vung Tau. The city's beautiful beaches, like Front Beach and Back Beach, are ideal for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Moreover, a multitude of delectable seafood dishes awaits at various street food spots and beachside restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy a pleasant hike on the Nui Lon mountain for a panoramic view of the city. Though it's a fun destination, it isn't flooded with tourist activities, hence a rating of 4.

Food:Above average

Vung Tau offers a significant diversity of Vietnamese cuisine with seafood being a shining specialty due to its coastal location. There's also a good mix of international food options available. The taste and freshness of dishes are typically high, making you eager to explore more of the local gastronomy scene. However, vegetarian options might be somewhat limited.


Vung Tau, is quite budget-friendly for the average traveler. Accommodations, food, and transport are relatively inexpensive. A good meal can cost just a few dollars, and decent accommodations can be found for less than $20 a night. Local transport is also cheap, making it easy to explore. However, some tourist activities might have higher prices, which moderately affects the overall cost.

Is Vung Tau worth visiting?

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My name’s An. I’m 28 years old and I like sport and music


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