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Liepaja, nestled along the Baltic Sea in the picturesque nation of Latvia, is a must-visit destination filled with unique character and charm. Known as "The City where the Wind is Born", Liepaja is revered for its diverse array of landmarks and outdoor beauty, from the pristine sands of its stunning Blue Flag beaches to the leafy expanses of its peaceful parks. Visitors to Liepaja can explore a wealth of historical gems including the imposing Naval Port, the haunting Karosta Prison, and the architectural delight of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The vibrant local music scene, which has earned the city the nickname of "Latvia's Rock Capital", vibrant local markets, and the unique opportunity to taste delectable Latvian cuisine, all contribute to the appeal of Liepaja making it an unforgettable stop on a Latvian journey.

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Liepaja enjoys a reputation for being generally safe for solo female travelers. Like most European cities, it provides a balance of safety and caution. The locals are friendly and most speak English very well. Street lights and signs are quite good which makes it easier to navigate at night. However, it is advised to stay vigilant about personal belongings and avoid isolated areas during late-night hours. Regular caution should be maintained as in any other city and public services like the police are generally efficient and helpful.


Liepaja is quite navigable despite its small size. The city boasts a decent network of public transportation options including trams and buses, which cover most areas. Additionally, the city is very walkable; most key attractions are located within walking distance from each other. However, English signage and pronunciation might pose a small challenge.

Things to do:Interesting

Liepaja provides diverse options for every kind of traveler. You can marvel at the architecture in the city's old town, get lost amongst the greenery of Jurmalas Park, or soak in the rich history found at Liepaja Seaside Park. The city's standout is the haunting yet beautiful Karosta Prison. For a spot of relaxation, Liepaja Beach is a tranquil location with serene Baltic views. With ample attractions and activities, Liepaja offers a fulfilling travel experience.

Food:Above average

The food in Liepaja is surprising and delightful. Traditional Latvian flavors blend well with contemporary European dishes. Seafood menus driven by the city's coastal location often offer fresh ingredients. A variety of different venues, from cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, are sprinkled throughout the city, so travelers can get a feel for the breadth of Liepaja's food offerings. Vegetarian and vegan options are also increasingly available.


Liepaja, offers an affordable travel experience for the solo female traveler. Accommodation options range from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and apartments. Food, shopping, transportation and activities are all reasonably priced, with the possibility to find lower rates during off-season periods. However, some popular activities and high-end restaurants can increase your expenses slightly. Overall, your money can stretch quite far in Liepaja.

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