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Trebinje, located in the southernmost region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an ancient city that offers a unique blend of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architectural influences. Known as the city of the sun and platan trees, the city demonstrates a unique charm with its old town at the heart, encompassing the beautifully preserved Ottoman-era Arslanagic Bridge and the enchanting 18th-century Osman Pasha Mosque. Trebinje's Mediterranean climate allows the growth of the surrounding wine region, home to some of Bosnia's finest vineyards. The city's panoramic view is dominated by the stunning hills and the solemn, ethereal beauty of the Serbian Orthodox Hercegovačka Gračanica monastery. The slow, leisurely pace of life in Trebinje coupled with its cultural richness offers an enchanting experience for every traveler.

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Trebinje, is a relatively safe destination for solo female travelers. The city is tranquil and rather safe with a low crime rate. However, it's crucial to be aware of your surroundings and exercise usual precautions, especially at night and in less crowded areas. Also, ensure to respect local customs and traditions for a seamless journey.


Trebinje is generally navigable on foot due to its small size, which is a plus for solo female travelers. While the town itself is compact, the trickier part might be reaching some of the out-of-town attractions. English is not widely spoken among locals, which could present some communication challenges. However, crime rates are low and it's generally safe. Public transportation is not well developed but taxis are available.

Things to do:Moderate

Trebinje offers a decent array of activities though it's not as bustling as larger cities. It has a lovely old town filled with charming cafes where you can sip on locally produced wine. The city is also adorned with historic edifices such as Hercegovacka Gracanica and Tvrdos Monastery, boasting splendid views of the city. However, its range of activities might not suffice if you're seeking high-paced urban excitement.

Food:Above average

The food in Trebinje is a delightful tribute to traditional Bosnian cuisine, serving classic dishes such as cevapi and burek. The local produce is fresh, often directly from local farmers. The surrounding Herzegovina region is popular for wines, so wine pairings further enhance your meal. Diversity is a bit limited, with less availability of international flavors, but the authenticity and quality of local dishes make it a delectable experience.


Trebinje is quite budget-friendly with affordable accommodation and dining options. Local transportation, sightseeing or attractions also tend not to be expensive. However, imported goods or luxury services may be priced higher.

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