Solo Female Travel in Medjugorje

Medjugorje is a small, ethereal town nestled in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 25km southwest of Mostar, in the Herzegovina region. Surrounded by emerald hills and vineyards, this small parish has achieved worldwide renown as a sacred destination. It is best known as one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Catholics due to reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local children in 1981. Visitors, both the faithful and curious, flock here to hike Apparition Hill, see the blue cross, pray in St. James Church and experience the profound silence of the place, saturated with a mysterious and comforting spiritual peace. Despite controversies and debates regarding its religious status, Medjugorje continues to inspire with its serene landscape and sense of timeless tranquillity.

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Safety:Very safe

Medjugorje is generally a safe and quiet place even for solo female travelers. It is primarily a religious pilgrimage site, welcoming visitors from around the world throughout the year. Crimes and harassment rates are relatively low and the local people are friendly and helpful. However, like any tourist destination, you should still exercise general caution, especially at night, and keep your belongings secure to avoid petty thefts.


Medjugorje is relatively navigable and offerings for tourists are well-centralized. The town is small enough to explore on foot. Most places of interest, such as St. James Church and Apparition Hill, are within walking distance. However, you might need to consider hiring a bike or a taxi for further distances or to visit surrounding areas during your trip. English is commonly spoken, facilitating easier communication. The town is religiously important, thus well-regulated and safe for solo female travelers.

Things to do:Interesting

Medjugorje, though small, packs a great spiritual punch. It is a famous Catholic pilgrimage site known for its reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. It offers a peaceful, serene atmosphere and you will probably spend a considerable amount of time reflecting and admiring the beauty of the St. James Church. Apart from spiritual pursuits, captivating hiking opportunities with panoramic views at Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill are also available. Regardless of religious beliefs, most visitors find it an intriguing and peaceful place to visit.

Food:Above average

Medjugorje offers an interesting mix of traditional Bosnian cuisine merged with international dishes due to the influence of tourists. You'll find a selection of comfort food like Bosanski lonac, a hearty meat and vegetable stew, as well as pita, a Bosnian pastry filled with cheese, meat, or spinach. There's also a variety of local wines and beers to sample. However, the options for international or fusion cuisine may not be as extensive as in larger cities. The overall food experience is generally favorable but may not be as diverse for those seeking a wide array of global food choices.


Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina is relatively budget-friendly compared to more popular European destinations. The cost of accommodations, food, and most of the activities are quite reasonable which makes it affordable for most travelers. However, the cost can increase if you decide to take guided tours or buy expensive religious artifacts, which are popular in the area.

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