Solo Female Travel in Salta

Salta, a captivating gem situated in the Northwest of Argentina, is renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture, vibrant indigenous cultures, and panoramic landscapes. Surrounded by the magnificent Andes Mountains, Salta offers a world of adventure to travelers with its famous Train to the Clouds, soaring to 13,845 feet above sea level, and its colorful Calchaquí Valleys best known for their vineyards and high-altitude wines. From exploring the striking red cliffs of Quebrada de las Conchas, to appreciating Salta's rich historical legacy at the Ninth of July Square or the impressive Cathedral of Salta, this city simply brims with experiences that promise to immerse you in the colorful canvas of Argentinian culture and heritage.

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Is Salta good for solo travel?



Salta, generally offers a safe environment for solo female travelers. Like many travel destinations, it features well-lit, bustling areas and also less frequented, darker ones. It's advisable to stay in the city center where it's more crowded, particularly at night. While serious crime is relatively low, it's always wise to be vigilant against petty crimes like pickpocketing. The residents are typically friendly and respectful, and the police are known to be helpful.


Getting around Salta can be a bit of a challenge if you haven't mastered Spanish yet. There's public transport available, but understanding routes and schedules may be tricky without solid language skills. However, the city is compact, so you can reach many tourist spots on foot. Taxis are readily available for longer distances, just make sure you agree on the price beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. The locals are generally helpful if you need directions.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Salta is a vibrant city filled with historical richness and outdoor adventure. The city is loaded with beautiful colonial architecture, prominent museums, and atmospheric plazas. From the stunning San Francisco Church to the MAAM archaeological museum, the city offers a number of cultural attractions. Beyond the city, you can explore the Calchaquí Valleys for picturesque landscapes and excellent vineyards. The cloudy mountain, Tren a las Nubes, also offers an unforgettable journey. What's more, the local cuisine is an absolute delight to explore. However, despite its many attractions, it's lesser-known and may not be as bustling or diverse as some of the world's most noted destinations.

Food:Above average

Salta, offers a wide variety of gastronomy, asserting its roots in traditional and contemporary Argentine cuisine. The region is renowned for its empanadas, locro, and tamales; comfort food at its finest. A variety of blackened meats are showcased in local asados, showing the high quality of Argentine beef. There's also a strong takeaway culture, with numerous street food stalls offering inexpensive, local food. However, vegetarian and vegan options are somewhat limited, although slowly increasing.


Salta is considerably budget-friendly. Accommodations, meals, and travel within the city are quite inexpensive. However, tours and some activities may increase costs moderately. It's possible to balance your budget depending on your preferences.

Is Salta worth visiting?

Solo travel experience

I highly recommend visiting Salta. The views are stunning, the prices are low, and the locals are helpful. I traveled alone and felt safe everywhere. I had no problems exchanging money on the street.

Posted: October 14, 2023
Things to do: 5/5Food: 5/5Budget-friendly: 5/5Safety: 5/5
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