Solo Female Travel in Capilla del Senor

Located in the northern part of Buenos Aires province, Argentina, Capilla del Senor offers a unique blend of heritage, natural beauty, and Argentinian culture. It's a picturesque town known for its perfectly preserved 18th-century architecture. As one of the oldest towns in the province, Capilla del Senor is home to National Historical Places like the Parroquia del Señor de la Peña church and the Capilla Christ Cemetery. Visitors are often thrilled by its cobblestoned streets that network between charming colonial houses and traditional restaurants serving local delicacies. Its annual Capilla Polo Open Tournament showcases the nation's favorite sport, polo, drawing fans from around the world. The nearby Exaltación de la Cruz Estancias allows for horseback riding and bird-watching experiences, making Capilla del Senor a fascinating enclave of history and nature.

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Is Capilla del Senor good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Capilla del Senor is a relatively safe destination for solo female travelers. The locals are friendly and crime rates are low compared to major cities in Argentina. However, like any travel destination, it's important to always stay vigilant, especially when you're travelling alone. Avoid secluded areas at night, ensure you have a reliable means of communication and safe transportation, and keep your personal belongings secure at all times.


Capilla del Senor is a small, charming, and pedestrian-friendly town. Getting around can be considered relatively easy and it's a safe place to explore on your own. All the major attractions, local shops, and eateries are within comfortable walking distance. Furthermore, public transportation options are available and widely used by the locals. They might not adhere to a strict schedule, but are reliable for longer distances or when tired. To sum up, navigation shouldn't be a major issue visiting this town.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Capilla del Senor in Argentina has a moderate amount of activities to offer. The charming little town is steeped in history and culture with quiet streets to stroll and discover architectural buildings, like its old church. It also has beautiful natural surroundings, and the Parque Natural Otamendi is a great place for a day trip out of the city for hiking and wildlife spotting. However, it may lack a variety of other activities compared to larger cities or more popular tourist destinations in Argentina.

Food:Above average

Capilla del Senor offers a good variety of cuisine. While you will primarily find Argentine traditional dishes featuring beef and empanadas, which are quite savory and delightful, culinary explorations can also lead you towards Italian-inspired fare. Vegetarian options might be slightly limited. The quality of the food is generally excellent, succulent and well-flavored. However, in terms of global cuisine diversity, it may not score full points but does well on maintaining local authenticity and taste.


Capilla del Senor offers a range of accommodations and food options that can fit into a middling budget. However, costs can rise significantly if one opts for high-end experiences or tourist packages. Moreover, the transportation cost from major cities or airports can be considerable. Therefore, it is an averagely budget-friendly place.

Is Capilla del Senor worth visiting?

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