Is Montego Bay Safe for Women? Crime Rate in Montego Bay

Safety index

1.7 /5

The safety level in Montego Bay is considered to be low, with an overall safety index of 1.7.

Crime index

2.2 /5

The crime rate in Montego Bay is considered to be low, with an overall crime index of 2.2.

Violence index


On average 17% percentage of women in Jamaica have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life, according to OECD Data.

Crime & Safety Stats

Safety index:


Safety walking alone after dark:

N/ANot enough data

Safety using public transport:

N/ANot enough data

Crime index:


Worries of being sexually harassed:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being sexually assaulted or raped:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being physically attacked:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of home broken and things stolen:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being mugged or robbed:

N/ANot enough data

Worries of being kidnapped or murdered:

N/ANot enough data

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How safe is Montego Bay for women?

For the typical solo traveler, Montego Bay is quite safe. The same recommendations for any other major cities apply here: avoid going out at night alone, keep valuables hidden while out and keep your wits about you. Folks will try to price gouge tourists, but in general no one will bother you. In fact, they’ll mostly do their best to be helpful.

Posted: March 14, 2024
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Is Montego Bay safe to travel?

3 /5

Based on 4 experiences

Group travel experience

It was very beautiful and touristy. I felt extremely safe as a black women and very welcomed by the locals. everyone was so helpful and open to giving directions or suggestions. Bring cash because they do expect tips for everything. The food was a hit or miss always ask the driver for recommendations because they have great suggestions.

Posted: March 7, 2024
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Solo travel experience

I've been to Jamaica more than once. I loved the people and the culture, but as a tourist, I was perceived as an opportunity to make money. I stayed at a resort and felt very safe there. I hired a driver and was never approached when I was with him.

Posted: September 30, 2023
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Crime in Jamaica