Solo Female Travel in Nakuru

Nakuru, situated in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, is the fourth largest city in the country and the capital of Nakuru county. Known for its rich tapestry of breathtaking natural scenery, Nakuru is renowned for Lake Nakuru National Park. This beautiful park boasts an abundance of wildlife, including millions of pink flamingos coating the lake, a sight definite to impress any nature enthusiast. The city is also appreciated for its Menengai Crater, one of the largest calderas in the world, offering incredible hiking experiences and panoramic views. From wildlife encounters to outdoor adventures, Nakuru presents a vibrant snapshot of the diverse Kenyan landscape and its majestic fauna.

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Is Nakuru good for solo travel?



In general, Nakuru is moderately safe but solo female travelers should take standard precautions. Although the city is quite calm go for tourism, petty thefts and pickpocketing can occur, especially in crowded areas, at night or in less touristy areas. Most locals are friendly and helpful, but as a solo female traveler, it’s prudent to avoid late-night walks. Plan your travel carefully, stay in groups whenever possible and follow local advice on areas to avoid.


Nakuru, being one of the larger cities of Kenya, has a decent but not advanced transportation system. Local minibuses, taxis, and motorcycle taxis are commonly used means of getting around. There might be language barriers and safety issues, especially at night time. Also, be prepared to negotiate prices as there is no fixed rate. Despite these, once you get the hang of it, you will find it relatively easy to navigate through the city. Cultural landmarks are also within walking distance in the city center.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Nakuru, is a vibrant city with much to offer. You can connect with nature at Lake Nakuru National Park, known for its incredible flamingo populations and a wide variety of wildlife including both white and black rhinos. For birdwatchers, it's a paradise. The stunning Menengai Crater is another spot where you can take an adventurous hike and enjoy panoramic views of Nakuru. The city's cultural experiences, such as visiting the Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site, provide a fascinating insight into the region's history. While it may not have the hustle of cosmopolitan cities, Nakuru's natural and cultural attractions make it an engaging destination.

Food:Above average

Nakuru offers a good variety of local and international cuisines. Their indigenous dishes showcase a tasteful fusion of traditional African flavors, while the influence of Arab, Indian, and European cuisines ensure a rich diversity. Street food is an experience not to be missed, with grilled maize and samosa standing as favorites. Vegetarians are also catered for as many dishes are plant-based.


Nakuru is reasonably economical for travelers as it provides a variety of accommodations catering to different budget levels, from backpacker hostels to mid-range hotels. Local transportation and food are also quite affordable. However, some touristic activities like a visit to Lake Nakuru National Park might increase your expenses slightly.

Is Nakuru worth visiting?

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