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Lodwar, the capital of Turkana County, is a hidden gem located in Northwestern Kenya. It is a remarkable cultural hub known as the gateway to Lake Turkana, the world's largest permanent desert lake and the largest alkaline lake that is recognized UNESCO World Heritage site. The city offers an incredible insight into the traditional local life of the nomadic Turkana people with their vibrant attire, unique beadwork and folklore. Lodwar is also famous for its breathtaking landscapes such as Eliye Springs' sandy beaches and the central Island National Park, which boasts three active volcanic craters. Moreover, this area is celebrated for its significant archaeological sites that have contributed to the understanding of human evolution. Travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience will find in Lodwar an ideal destination that combines cultural enlightenment, natural beauty and historical richness.

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Lodwar's relative safety for solo female travelers can vary. It is encouraged to dress modestly in respect of local culture and to avoid walking alone at night. As in any travel situation, maintaining a high level of personal awareness is crucial. While many locals are friendly and welcoming, it's always best to be cautious and avoid revealing personal details to strangers. Overall, a guided tour or group travel is recommended as it would not only enhance security but also make your travel experience more valuable.


Lodwar may present some challenges as it's fairly remote and the local infrastructure is not very developed. Despite the availability of motorcycle taxis, matatus (shared minibuses), and private car hires, the roads outside of town can be rough and often impassible during rainy season. Locating destinations and navigating may also be difficult due to the lack of clear maps or street signs. Yet, locals are generally helpful.

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Lodwar is a unique destination full of numerous outdoor activities. With a beautiful landscape, it offers opportunities for adventure seekers to enjoy activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing and fishing at Lake Turkana. The Lodwar Cathedral is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. However, the region is quite remote and the variety of activities are not as vast compared to more touristic cities.


The food in Lodwar offers a moderate variety, with a focus on traditional Kenyan and African cuisines. There are also some international food options available, thereby providing a somewhat diverse palate. However, the variety might not meet all tastes or dietary preferences. Fresh local ingredients, especially fish and meats, are generally the highlight of most meals.


Lodwar offers a moderate cost experience for travelers. Accommodation options vary from budget guesthouses to more upscale hotels. Food and transportation are reasonably priced, but exploring natural attractions or participating in local experiences may raise costs. However, compared to larger Kenyan cities, expenses in Lodwar are often lower.

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