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Busia is a vibrant and bustling town located in the western region of Kenya, adjacent to the Ugandan border. Renowned as a major trading hub, Busia is strategically positioned along the main transportation artery linking inland Uganda to the Kenyan port city of Mombasa. The town offers a unique blend of cultures and traditions, reflecting its place as a key meeting point between the two nations. Besides its active commercial appeal, Busia is home to a variety of natural attractions, including the Samia Hills and the Yala Swamp, a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The vibrant markets, particularly the border market offering a myriad of East African crafts, are reputed for their lively atmosphere and provide an authentic African shopping experience.

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Busia, offers a fairly balanced situation in terms of safety for solo female travelers. Common precautions like avoiding walking alone late at night, taking care of personal belongings, and staying vigilant in crowded places hold true here, as well as familiarizing yourself with local customs. However, residents are typically friendly and willing to help, and public transportation is reasonably safe to use. Remember to keep a low profile, and avoid displaying opulence. It's always best to stick to well-known and populated areas whenever possible.


The ease of getting around Busia is moderate. Local public transportation is widely available, but doesn't comply with reliable timetable and isn't always in good condition. There are also options for taxis or hiring a driver but this can get quite expensive. The lack of sufficient signages can occasionally make navigation a bit complicated, especially if you don't speak the local language. However, locals are often very friendly and willing to help. Walking is also a viable transport method in the city areas, but due to safety reasons, not advisable during the night.

Things to do:Moderate

Busia has a moderate amount of attractions for the solo female traveler. The primary attraction is the bustling border market providing a unique insight into local commerce and cultural life. Here, vendors sell beautiful traditional African crafts and local food. It would appeal to those interested in culture and markets. The area is also home to several community-based organizations supporting local development, offering opportunities for social impact experiences. However, the city may lack the tourist infrastructure and variety of attractions found in other, more frequented destinations in Kenya.


Busia offers a reasonable range of local dishes that are worth trying. There's an array of street food and smaller, local restaurants. The local cuisine primarily consists of traditional African food based on staples like ugali (maize meal), sukuma wiki (collard greens/cabbage), and nyama choma (grilled meat). This locale might lack the culinary diversity found in larger cities, but it's a good place to experience authentic Kenyan dishes. However, if you're looking for a wide variety of international food options, Busia might not meet that expectation.


Busia is relatively budget-friendly for the solo female traveler. Accommodation, food, and scenery viewing offer a cost-effective experience. However, entry fees to certain attractions can slightly inflate your budget. But generally, you can enjoy a good travel experience without breaking the bank extensively.

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