Solo Female Travel in Ring of Kerry

Located in the breathtaking southwestern region of Ireland, the Ring of Kerry is a renowned circular tourist trail spanning 179 kilometers. Noted for its captivating and picturesque landscape, it meanders through rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush meadows, pristine lakes, and quaint towns. The journey unveils iconic Irish landmarks like Ross Castle, Muckross House, and the ancient Staigue Fort. Unveiling the rich cultural history of Ireland, it is home to the 15th-century Ballycarbery Castle and the UNESCO World Heritage site Skellig Michael, famous for its early Christian monastery and recent appearance in Star Wars. It's a must-visit landscape exhibiting Ireland's finest panoramas of mountain, forest, coastline, and traditional heritage.

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Is Ring of Kerry good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Ring of Kerry, is considered a very safe destination for solo female travelers. The locals are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. Crime rates are quite low and normally geared towards petty theft. As with any destination, standard precautions are suggested. These include ensuring your belongings are secure and being aware of your surroundings, especially during night hours.


Ring of Kerry's scenic route, while stunning, can be quite challenging due to its rural setting. It's not impossible, but will surely require careful planning. The signs can be scarce and confusing, and the narrow winding roads can be more challenging to navigate. Depending on the season, some areas may be very crowded with tourists which could potentially slow down your journey. Additionally, public transport is not always easily available and its schedule might not coincide with yours.
Things to do:

Things to do:Fascinating

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland offers an exceptional blend of natural beauty, history, and culture that's sure to enthrall any solo female traveler. The landscapes range from breathtaking mountains to picturesque lakes and charming seascapes. Activities are diverse- you can hike, bike, go on a boat trip or indulge in photography. There are also options to explore quaint villages, historical sites, and local Irish culture. Highlight spots include Ladies’ View, Torc Waterfall, and Skellig Michael where Star Wars was filmed. Cafes and restaurants along the route offer local Irish foods. However, the public transport could be slow, hiring a car or a bike for a self-guided tour is a popular option but don't forget the Irish roads are quite narrow.

Food:Above average

The Ring of Kerry offers a compelling range of culinary experiences. The region is known for its fresh, locally sourced seafood, prime meats, and produce. Traditional Irish dishes are given modern twists, making it equally delightful for both conventional and experimental food enthusiasts. Dairy products are also a local specialty, with delicious cheeses and ice cream. However, ethnic food options may be relatively limited as compared to cosmopolitan cities.


Ring of Kerry can be moderately friendly to your budget. If you choose to rent a car and explore by yourself, costs can be quite manageable. Accommodation options range from budget hostels to luxury hotels, so you can choose according to your budget. Food and entertainment also offer a range, but local pubs and small eateries are not overly expensive. However, high tourist season and guided excursions can increase the expenses.

Is Ring of Kerry worth visiting?

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