Solo Female Travel in Navan

Navan is a historical town located in the heart of County Meath, Ireland, on the banks of the River Boyne. Known primarily for its rich heritage and connection to the Irish High Kings, Navan serves as a gateway to the famous Boyne Valley with its numerous archaeological sites like the Hill of Tara, Newgrange burial mound, and the ancient city of Trim, embellished with its medieval castle. With its plentiful green spaces and parks such as Blackwater Park, the town is also renowned for its horse racing at Navan Racecourse and its thriving arts scene centered around Solstice Arts Centre. Navan, combining ancient allure with modern attractions, encapsulates the spirit of Irish history and culture.

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Is Navan good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Navan, a historic town in Ireland, is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like many Irish destinations, locals are friendly and willing to assist tourists. However, as with any travel destination, it is advisable to stay vigilant, especially at night. Typical safety precautions like not walking alone in poorly lit areas should be applied. Occasional petty crimes like pickpocketing might occur, but these are not common. Overall, traveling solo in Navan appears to be quite safe.


It's relatively simple to navigate through Navan. The town center is compact and most destinations are within a walkable distance. Additionally, the locals are friendly and willing to assist if you lose your way. However, reaching more rural areas can pose a slight challenge, thus it is advisable to plan your routes in advance.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Navan offers a fairly balanced mix of attractions and activities. It may not have the hustle or bustle of larger cities, but its charm can be found in its rich history, scenic surroundings, and friendly locals. You can explore ancient sites such as the Hill of Tara, go on nature walks, and indulge in traditional Irish cuisine at local restaurants. However, it isn't packed with endless activities, hence the moderate rating.

Food:Above average

Navan offers a good variety of food options. You'll find traditional Irish cuisine, along with international options such as Italian, Chinese and Indian. Several eateries showcase locally-sourced produce, allowing you to enjoy fresh and flavoursome meals. Being a small town, it might not have the culinary diversity of larger cities but what it offers is prepared with care and skill. Vegetarian and vegan options are available though a bit limited.


Navan offers a somewhat balanced budget experience. While overall cost of living is lower than big cities like Dublin, the town can still be pricey especially in terms of dining and accommodation. However, outdoor attractions like the Navan Ramparts and Navan Fort are either free or fairly inexpensive.

Is Navan worth visiting?

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