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Nestled in the heart of Ireland, Naas is a vibrant and historic town located in County Kildare. Renowned as a bustling shopping hub, Naas charms with its range of small boutiques, gourmet restaurants, traditional Irish pubs, and the iconic Naas Racecourse. Just a stone's throw from Dublin, it is known for its lively atmosphere, offering rich cultural experiences with its local arts scene, encompassing the Moat Theatre and various art galleries. A gateway to the Irish countryside, Naas serves as a base for exploring the nearby Kildare landscapes, the Grand Canal walks, and the famed Curragh Plains. Bursting with history, it is home to architectural landmarks such as St. David's Church and close to the age-old Castletown House.

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Is Naas good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Naas is a safe place to visit for solo female travelers. Like many parts of Ireland, Naas is known for its safety and friendly locals. Many visitors often say they feel welcome and secure when exploring the city, either in the buzzing daytime or serene nights. While it's always essential to carry general precautions as a solo traveler, Naas boasts a low crime rate, especially in areas women typically frequent, such as retail, dining and entertainment districts.


Navigating Naas is fairly simple due to its small size. The town is walkable, offering a safe and pleasing environment. Public transport options like buses are also available, making it convenient to visit nearby places. However, some rural areas may not have frequent services. Bicycle rentals are offered in town as well. It boots a blend of rural charm and urban convenience.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Naas is a historical town in Ireland with a significant amount of sightseeing and cultural experiences. It is home to several striking landmarks like Naas Racecourse, Moat Theatre and the Grand Canal Walk. Naas is also a good base for exploring nearby destinations like the Wicklow Mountains and Kildare Village. However, the town itself might not offer a wide variety of activities for a prolonged stay. As a solo traveler, it can provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with its local charm.

Food:Above average

Naas offers a good variety of food options that are sure to satisfy diverse palettes. Traditional Irish cuisine is a staple of course, but international options such as Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and more are also readily available. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are common in many establishments, offering a unique 'farm to table' experience. However, it might fall a little short for those looking for more exotic cuisines.


Naas stands at a middle ground when it comes to budget-friendliness. The cost of activities, meals, and transportation can add up, but there are many beautiful local sights and experiences that come free of cost. Accommodation varies from budget options to pricier ones, allowing flexibility. Hence, it's overall moderately budget-friendly with proper planning.

Is Naas worth visiting?

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