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Located in the heart of Ireland, flanked by the River Shannon, Athlone is a vibrant cultural and historical town renowned for some of most spectacular attractions. It is perhaps best known as the home of Athlone Castle, a 13th-century Norman castle with interactive displays retelling the town's history. The town is equally admired for the beautiful Luan Gallery, presenting visual arts from both local and international artists. A visit to Athlone wouldn't be complete without experiencing its lively nightlife, sprinkled with traditional Irish pubs offering live music, along with artisan gastronomic experiences. Its prominent location, together with the multitude of enriching activities it offers, makes Athlone the perfect base to explore Ireland's Hidden Heartlands.

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Is Athlone good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Athlone is generally a safe town to visit, even for solo female travelers. The locals are known to be friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The town is well-lit and public transport is reliable. However, like anywhere else, exercise personal safety precautions, especially in quieter areas during late hours.


Athlone is a small-sized town with easy navigation. Commercial and cultural sites are often within walking distance of each other. The town has a welcoming community, with locals often being willing to help if you lose your way. However, during peak hours or seasons, it might be a bit challenging due to increased activity.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Athlone is packed with wonderful sights and activities. As a solo female traveler, be prepared to be captivated by its rich cultural history, outstanding architectural gems and stunning natural beauty. Highlights include Athlone Castle, a 13th-century castle that unveils the town’s fascinating history, and the beautiful public garden, which is great for leisure hikes. Pay a visit to the Luan Gallery to get a taste of contemporary art or hop around the numerous antique and souvenir shops. For outdoor enthusiasts, Lough Ree's tranquil beauty will leave you spellbound. Relish in amazing boat tours, angling, or birdwatching. Lastly, Athlone's gastronomy is worth indulging in, ranging from traditional Irish cuisine to contemporary international dishes. Safety and friendly locals are added perks.

Food:Above average

Athlone offers a reasonable selection of cuisines to try, with a focus on traditional Irish fare. Fresh seafood and hearty stews are particularly notable. There is also a good variety of gastro-pubs and some international eateries, including Italian and Asian options. Vegan or vegetarian travelers might face a little less variety, but there are still good options to explore. Overall, the quality of food is impressive with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. While it doesn't have an immense diversity consistent of cities like Dublin, guests are largely satisfied by the range and quality of food offerings on their visit.


Athlone is moderately budget-friendly. Costs like accommodation and food can be on the expensive side, especially during the peak tourist season. However, there are a lot of free or low-cost sightseeing options like visiting Athlone Castle, Sean's Bar, Shannon River, and Luan Gallery. Beautiful walks along the riverbank and exploring the town's historical areas also don’t cost anything. So, if you plan well, you can have an enjoyable stay without breaking the bank.

Is Athlone worth visiting?

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