Solo Female Travel in Húsavík

Húsavík, a charming coastal town in northern Iceland, is considered as the whale watching capital of Europe. Nestled on the edge of the breathtakingly scenic Skjálfandi Bay, it's a place where icy beauty meets vibrant local life. Renowned for its close encounters with a myriad of marine wildlife including humpbacks, blue whales and orcas, Húsavík offers some of the best opportunities for whale watching in the world. The uniquely alluring Icelandic nature, the famous wooden church, and the fascinating Whale Museum add further allure to this picturesque, must-visit destination.

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Is Húsavík good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Húsavík is a small town in Iceland known for its whale watching tours, natural beauty, and low rates of crime. The locals are incredibly friendly, welcoming, and respectful to visitors, which contributes to a sense of safety and comfort. Like the majority of Iceland, it's safe for solo female travelers. However, as with any travel destination it's important to stay alert and watch personal belongings, but generally, safety-related incidents are extremely rare. With its safe and friendly environment, Húsavík offers solo female travelers a true experience of Icelandic culture and nature.


Most of Húsavík's main attractions, including the whale museum and harbor, are within walkable distance from each other. The town is small and easy to navigate on foot, and most locals can speak English if directions are needed. However, getting to nearby attractions outside the town, such as the geothermal area of Lake Mývatn and Dettifoss waterfall, might require arranged transportation or rented car.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Húsavík has a lot to offer for solo female travelers, boasting a diverse range of activities. It is a charming village that is widely recognized as one of the top places in the world for whale watching. This outing provides an opportunity to get close to the nature and marine life of Iceland. Additionally, Húsavík boasts several thermal pools where you can soak in the geothermal-heated water while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. The area’s wooden church, which dates back to 1907, is a beautiful example of Scandinavian architecture. Lastly, Astro-tourism is prevalent due to lower light pollution, which increases the chances to see northern lights subject to weather conditions.

Food:Above average

Húsavík offers a decent culinary scene for a small town. Predominantly famous for seafood, there are places that serve traditional Icelandic cuisine, delicious pastries and gourmet coffee. The options could, however, be a bit limited for vegetarians or vegan travelers.


Húsavík lies in the mid-range when considering cost. Accommodation and food can be somewhat pricey compared to other locations. However, this can be offset by saving on activities, as many natural sights and excursions, like the geothermal baths and the spectacular Northern Lights, are free or low-cost. As always, budget can be managed with careful planning and smart choices.

Is Húsavík worth visiting?

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