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Located in the southern region of Iceland, on the banks of Þverá river and overlooking the beautiful Arnarfell mountain, sits the picturesque town of Hella. Renowned for its phenomenal natural allure, Hella is celebrated for its proximity to the captivating and towering volcano, Hekla, which attracts hikers and adventurers from around the globe. With an abundance of Icelandic ponies in nearby farms, equestrian tourism is a popular activity amongst visitors. Hella’s rural setting invokes tranquility and provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness the elusive Northern Lights, making it a dream destination for stargazers and aurora borealis enthusiasts. Despite its small size, this cultural hub also hosts an annual music event, “Núðluskálin” that draws in music lovers from all corners.

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Is Hella good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Hella is known for its low crime rates and respectful community. Local residents are generally very welcoming and willing to help if needed. The area is relatively sparsely populated and receives fewer tourists than many other parts of Iceland, which further reduces risk. As with any travel, it's always important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, but overall, Hella is considered quite safe for solo female travelers.


Hella, being a small town in Iceland, does not have a complex network of transportation systems. It is easy to explore on foot due to the compact layout of the town. However, if you'd like to explore wider surroundings or natural attractions, a rental vehicle may be needed. Always prepare for sudden weather changes when planning outdoor activities.
Things to do:

Things to do:Moderate

Hella, although small, provides a moderate array of activities. Its location on the Ytri-Rangá river makes it an exceptional place for fishing enthusiasts, and the proximity to Iceland's southern coast lends itself to beautiful, picturesque views. The nearby volcano, Hekla, as well as the local geysers, makes it a hotspot for nature lovers and those interested in geological attractions. However, the remote location can make some amenities and popular destinations in Iceland less accessible.


In Hella, you can expect to find traditional Icelandic cuisine which mainly consists of lamb and fish. However, they also cater to international taste buds with choices ranging from fast food to reasonably sophisticated dining. The variety is not very wide due to the small size of the town, but the quality is generally high. Vegetarian and vegan options might be harder to avail, unlike bigger cities. Don't expect a gastronomical paradise, but you certainly won't go hungry in Hella.


Hella can be moderate in terms of cost. Accommodation such as guesthouses and hotels are reasonably priced, and self-catering facilities are often available which can help cut down food costs. However, activities such as guided tours, horse riding, and car rentals can make your budget increase quickly. Flights and dining out can also be quite expensive. It's all about finding a balance and planning carefully.

Is Hella worth visiting?

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