Solo Female Travel in Djupivogur

Djupivogur is a quaint fishing village situated on the east coast of Iceland, known for its strikingly beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Home to approximately 400 residents, it serves as a gateway to Papey Island and the magnificent iceberg-laden landscapes of Vatnajokull National Park. Djupivogur’s charm lies in its rich history, with colourfully preserved 19th-century wooden houses giving a glimpse into the rustic past. It hosts Langabúð, the oldest trading house in the country, now functioning as a museum and café. Boasting a diverse birdlife, the settlement is also famed for being part of 'The Stone Collection,' an outdoors exhibition of beautiful and rare Icelandic minerals. Visitors are enthralled by the scenic hiking routes and boat tours that Djupivogur offers, liaising with the untouched raw nature of Iceland.++

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Is Djupivogur good for solo travel?


Safety:Very safe

Djupivogur is a small town in Iceland with minimal crime. It is known for its friendly local community and active police presence. Traveling alone, even at night, is generally safe. It's important to note though, like any place, taking normal precautions such as avoiding deserted areas late at night and securing valuables should still be practiced.


Djupivogur is a small fishing village that is relatively easy to navigate. While you won't find any public transport services here, the village itself is walkable and you'll find most amenities within a few minutes of each other. Yet, its remote location and limited transport options may require some planning ahead, particularly during winter. Renting a car is suggested if you plan on exploring the wider region.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Djupivogur, a small fishing village in the Eastfjords of Iceland, has a unique flair. The town is surrounded by breathtaking nature, and there's plenty to do. Scenic boat trips to the Papey Island to view wildlife, exploring the quaint Búlandstindur mountain, visiting the local arts and crafts houses, and relaxing in geothermal pools are some of the activities you can enjoy. For solo female travelers, it is a quiet and safe place to visit, although the choices of activities might be limited compared to larger cities.


Djupivogur offers a decent variety of food, primarily focused on traditional Icelandic cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, lamb, and dairy products. For a small town, it has several eateries each with its own character. While the options aren't extremely diverse compared to larger cities, the quality of ingredients, particularly the seafood, is excellent. There might be limited choices for vegetarians or those with specific dietary preferences. Hunt for local food markets for a wider variety of choices. Always keep in mind the town's location and size when considering food diversity.


Djupivogur is a relatively expensive destination compared to other global tourist spots. Lodging, dining, and transportation are all on the higher end of the cost spectrum due to Iceland's high standard of living. The natural beauty, safety, and unique experiences offered do bring value, but budget travelers may find it more challenging to keep expenses low.

Is Djupivogur worth visiting?

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