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Himare, a picturesque coastal town in southern Albania, is located on the Ionian Sea, set amidst majestic mountains and turquoise waters. Known as a popular summer destination, it is hailed for its exceptional beaches, notably Jale and Livadhi, that are characterized by clear, pristine waters and pebbly shores. The town retains an undeniably charm with its traditional Greek-influenced architecture, winding cobbled streets and a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere. One of its main attractions is the old fortress located on a hill offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding region. Visitors are also drawn to Himare for its vibrant nightlife, fresh seafood cuisine and warm, welcoming local community. Whether it's relaxing on the beach, exploring the ancient ruins or getting lost in narrow picturesque streets, Himare offers a unique experience for every traveler.

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Is Himare good for solo travel?



Himare is generally a safe location for solo female travelers. The locals are friendly and helpful, and crime rates are relatively low. However, like anywhere else, it is always important to remain cautious, especially during the night. Always be aware of your surroundings, and avoid secluded areas after dark. Public transport is safe to use and you can walk alone during daylight without worrying. Be respectful to local traditions and customs to ensure a fulfilling travel experience.


Himare is fairly easy to navigate. Its small size offers the advantage of being able to explore most of the places on foot. Close proximity to other cities and attractions is also beneficial. Nevertheless, it's important to note that English isn't widely spoken, and public transportation schedules may seem irregular, requiring some flexibility and patience.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Himare surely captures the heart with its captivating coast, clear turquoise waters, secluded beaches, and quaint village life. It's a paradise for nature lovers with fun outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, sunbathing, and exploring historical sites. Although it is relatively less visited than other tourist hotspots, its peaceful, laid back charm makes it a delightful destination for those who prefer off-the-beaten-path experiences without the usual crowd. Nonetheless, since it's a small town, the variety of activities is a bit limited.

Food:Above average

The food in Himare is quite impressive. You'll find a variety of local and international dishes, with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, particularly seafood freshly caught. Vegetarian options are also available. Traditional dishes and flavors are celebrated, promising a delightful culinary experience that represents the region's rich history. However, while good, the food scene might not be as diverse as in bigger cities.


Himare is considered quite budget-friendly. Accommodation, food, and transportation costs are typically lower than in many other European destinations. It offers affordable options for dining and shopping. The natural beauty and cultural richness can be experienced at a low cost as well, making it an attractive destination for budget travelers.

Is Himare worth visiting?

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