Solo Female Travel in Borsh

Borsh, nestled among the serene and spectacular landscapes of Albania, sits on the Albanian Riviera. This captivating coastal village is renowned for its impressive 7-km long pebble beach flanked by the shimmering aqua-emerald hues of the Ionian Sea and the gorgeous landscapes of the sprawling evergreen olive groves. Borsh harbours a remarkable historical legacy reflected in the ancient Castle of Borsh, set atop a hill and offering awe-inspiring panoramic views. Famous for its natural spring 'Ujëvara e Borshit,' the enchanting charm of Borsh lies in its pleasant climate, unique cuisine, and warm-hearted locals, proving to be a hidden gem for the most intrepid of travellers.

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Is Borsh good for solo travel?



Borsh is generally safe for solo female travelers. Like any travel destination, always staying aware of your surroundings is important. At night, certain areas might be less safe than during the day, but overall, the locals are friendly and helpful. The crime rate is lower compared to other regions in Albania, but still, it's smart to be cautious and avoid isolated areas after dark. The region is popular amongst tourists with plenty of accommodations and activities addressing the needs of solo travelers.


Borsh generally provides a decent level of convenience for solo women travelers. The village is small, hence walking can be your primary mode of transportation. However, public transportation isn't frequent and its schedule can be unpredictable, which might pose a challenge. It's advised to learn a few basic Albanian phrases to ask locals for directions if needed. Roads are adequately maintained, but signage might not be in English which could potentially get you lost. However, friendly locals are often willing to help. Generally, it’s safe to travel around Borsh.
Things to do:

Things to do:Interesting

Borsh offers enormous potential for visitors, especially for those who love nature and tranquility. The Borsh Beach is one of the longest in the Ionian Sea, offering beautiful clear waters, stunning landscapes, and sunsets. The Borsh Castle, while in ruins, offers spectacular views and adds a historical touch to the visit. For adventure-seekers, there's also mountain climbing. However, some visitors may find the town a bit lacking in terms of city life, shopping, and activities after dark. Please consider this when deciding.

Food:Above average

Borsh provides a delightful array of cuisines. It predominantly features a Mediterranean menu, with locally grown fruits and vegetables being a staple here. Seafood is a specialty owing to its coastal location. However, the international and varied palate offered is somewhat limited. The place is particularly known for the authenticity and freshness of its dishes.


Borsh is quite budget-friendly, especially when compared to other European destinations. The cost of food, accommodation, and transportation are relatively low, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers. Note, however, that while cheaper than many places, it may not be the most economical option in Albania.

Is Borsh worth visiting?

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