Safest Places in Gambia for Solo Female Travel


1, Gunjur

Located along the western coastline of Gambia, Africa, Gunjur is a serene fishing village known for its raw unspoiled beauty. Set against the backdrop of the vast Atlantic Ocean, this coastal settlement is famous for its sprawling sandy beaches, vibrant fish markets, and the lush Gunjur Forest Park, home to an array of unique wildlife. The region is pierced by the river Gunjur Kulon, providing excellent opportunities for tranquil boat rides. Known for its vibrant cultural diversity and traditional Gambian roots, Gunjur's warm locals are always eager to share the rich history and traditions of their community. Whether you're seeking relaxation on the beach, adventurous wildlife exploration, or immersion in authentic African culture, Gunjur offers an all-encompassing travel experience.


2, Serekunda

Serekunda, positioned as the largest city in Gambia and located at the heart of this West African nation, is an atmospheric, bustling hub renowned for its diverse cultural heritage. Residing just south of the country's capital, Banjul, the city is most celebrated for its colourful, enriching Albert Market - a vibrant epicentre of lively trade where visitors can explore enticing stalls overflowing with local textiles, fresh produce, and artisanal crafts. A melting pot of the various ethnic groups that make up Gambia's population, Serekunda also provides a unique gateway to Gambia’s riverine hinterland and the beguiling Bijilo Forest Park, synonymous with tranquil forest trails and a rich array of wildlife, especially monkeys.


3, Serrekunda

Serrekunda, Gambia's largest city, situated on the west coast of Africa, is a vibrant and colorful destination known for its dynamic atmosphere and cultural significance. This bustling city is marked by bustling local markets, such as the notable Serrekunda Market, where visitors can interact with artisans selling handmade crafts, colorful textiles, fresh fruits, and aromatic spices right from the heart of the African continent. Famous for its wrestling matches, a traditional sport in Gambia, tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture at the Serrekunda East Mini-Stadium. A gateway to the stunning beaches of Kololi and Kotu, Serrekunda is a destination which perfectly encapsulates the lively essence of Gambian life.

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4, Brufut

Brufut is a picturesque town nestled on the stunning coastline of the Gambia, a small but vibrant country in Western Africa. This tranquil paradise is located about 20 kilometers from Banjul, the capital city, and is widely recognized for its incredibly clean, impressive beach that stretches about five kilometers. This immaculate stretch of white sand offers captivating views of quintessential Gambian fishing boats bobbing in the Atlantic. Brufut is also renowned for the Brufut Heights, a cliff elevated to up to 27 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea, beautiful terrains, and diverse bird species. In addition to its delightful natural beauty, it is also known for its unique cultural heritage festival, the "Brufut Marathon," which brings together local and international visitors for a colorful celebration.


5, Ziguinchor

Ziguinchor, nestled in the Casamance River area of southern Senegal, not Gambia, is a vibrant city known for its lush vegetation and numerous waterways. It's a haven for ecotourism with its picturesque environment and abundant wildlife, including a rich diversity of bird species that lure ornithologists from around the globe. The city's cultural landscape is distinct, with much influence from Portuguese, French, and African cultures. Landmarks include the historic Saint Maure et Saint Brigite Cathedral and the bustling Marche Tillene, where visitors can buy locally made handicrafts. Take a stroll around this colonial city and you'll be enchanted by the Creole houses, diverse blend of cultures, and the welcoming warmth of its residents.

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What are the safest places in Gambia for solo female travellers?

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