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Poland is a beautiful country located in Central Europe, offering a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. From the bustling cities of Warsaw and Krakow to the stunning countryside of the Tatra Mountains, Poland has something for everyone. Visitors can explore the country's rich cultural heritage, including its many castles, churches, and monuments, or take in the stunning natural scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. Poland is also home to some of Europe's best ski resorts, making it a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Experiences from Poland

I visited Warsaw (a good mix of architecture - soviet and older prettier ones as well as modern), and Krakow (just beautiful). Would love to go back and see Wrocław and other places. I also visited Auschwitz - for me it was a really insightful/eye-opening visit, though sobering for obvious reasons.
I was in Warsaw and Krakow and felt incredibly safe. People generally speak really good English, especially in touristy areas. Buses and public transport are efficient and I felt safe. I travel with a tripod and camera and would set it up for photos and had no issues.
I traveled all over Poland last year and found it very safe, I also never struggled with language - most will at least understand English even if they can't engage in conversation.

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