Solo travelWhich cities should I spend the most time in during my trip to Portugal?

I’m going to be in Portugal and want to visit Porto, Lisbon, and Lagos but I‘m struggling to decide how long in each city. All I have for definite is I want to do a day trip to Sintra whilst I’m in Lisbon. Any advice on how long to do key bits in these places?

Posted: June 23, 2023


July 4, 2023

Hi I agree with Sandra although I haven't been to Porto, but I have to Lisbon and did sintra for the day but wished i had longer there. I went to Lagos for 3 nights which was a good amount of time to see all the beaches and town. Love Portugal ❤️

June 26, 2023

Hi there! I recommend between 3 to 4 full days in Lisbon, as it is a big city with a lot to see. To visit Sintra, 1 full day would be enough to see the main highlights, but 2 days would be ideal. For Porto, 2 to 3 full days is enough, as it isn't a big city as Lisbon, but still with lots to see if you have the time. I've never been to Lagos so for that, I can't help :) PM me if you need any tips :)

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