Solo travelWhat was your favorite part of Singapore as a solo traveler and why?

Any recommendations for Singapore as a solo traveler? I’ll be there next month. For the ones that have been there already, what was your favorite part and why?

Posted: May 20, 2023


May 20, 2023

Hello! Local here :-) I think one of the best ways to see Singapore is to walk through the city. It's a small country so it's possible to catch the skyline from all sorts of angles in a day. Is there anything in particular that you're interested in? History, art, food, culture? Or any types of sights you're hoping to catch? That would make it easier to nail a recommendation!

May 29, 2023

You should definitely go see art and science museum. It’s magical. My favorite is the food. The roof top dining or brunch while enjoying the city view. It’s amazing. Definitely should go see sentosa if you love rides.

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