TravelWhat places should I visit in Phuket in December?

Hey ! I am travelling to Phuket in December. Can anyone recommend places that are a must see. Any other suggestions or advice is also welcomed.

Posted: October 27, 2022


October 28, 2022

Hi. I ve been in there 4 years ago. Phuket is full of touristic attractions. You can prefer west of Phuket, if you love night life. If you want to relax, prefer east of Phuket. I didnt swim in the west side. Because sea was dirty. But some people said to me east side better. You have to join island tours. Phi phi, james bond, hong island are very beautiful. But dont forget to haggle with tour service. He/she will say 600 baht, you will say 250 baht. Then you will get along in the middle😅 Please dont go elephant safari or tiger park 😔 But you can prefer elephant sactuary. It is better. There are too many food options. Especially you must try all egsotic fruits. If you have time enough, you can go to Krabi. It is opposite side from Phuket. Railey Beach was very fantastic. That all😊

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