Solo travelWhat is the best place for a solo traveler to explore and connect with others?

I want to go on my first solo trip. Can anyone recommend place? I was thinking about resort, Punta Cana or Cancun, but as I am traveling alone I would rather have adventure and go on the place that I can explore. It would be also great to connect with group or have tour guide.. does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted: December 1, 2022


March 11, 2023

Hi :) Not sure if you’ve already taken your trip to Mexico. I am arranging a trip which I am inviting people to join me. It’s Central Mexico June 2023. Otherwise, I highly recommend connecting with 2 sister companies Ruta Origen + Dopamina Travel. They design itineraries which is perfect for solo travellers. I have travelled solo with them twice and will continue to work with them for future travel both is Mexico and other countries. Contact me if you’re interested. 🤍🤍 WhatsApp: +61 430380542

December 16, 2022

I highly recommend Belize on the cayes. There are many to choose from but Tobacco Caye is my favorite. You can find an all inclusive there but it is significantly more rustic than Cancun! The night life is poor too with only one bar. But...the snorkeling and waters ports wow! A tiny, beautiful jewel.

December 4, 2022

Hi :) I don't know about punta Cana and I think it depends on what you like but for Mexico I would mostly recommend the opposite part of it - Sayulita, San Pancho, Chacahua, Mazunte... Depends on what you're looking for but I fell in love of the Pacific side :) I went to Cancun just to take my plane and it was to touristy for me... Also I didn't feel safe at all... whereas the other place I just mentioned I felt safe 🧡✨ That was just my experience though, hope it helps you 🤗 Wish you an amazing day/night !

December 4, 2022

Hey! I’m actually guiding a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Here is a link for all the details:

December 6, 2022

I’m also going to solo and looking for travel buddies

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