TravelWhat is a rough budget recommendation for a first-time traveller to Japan in December?

Hey all, I am looking to go to Japan in December and just wanted to gauge rough budget recommendations (not including flights). First time traveller to Japan so any cool recommendations would be totally welcomed

Posted: November 10, 2022


February 19, 2023

Hi I live in Kyushu, it is a countryside, but even here we have many hostels and guesthouses. In the city a dormitory room costs around 3000 yen per person per night. So I think there are more in Kyoto and Tokyo areas. I use Rakuten travel when I book and haven't had problems. Before I book I check Googlemap reviews. These are honest and informative. If you want some privacy, I recommend business hotels. Hotels for business people. Not luxurious, but reasonably priced and nice & clean. I stayed the brandnew superhotel in Beppu Oita and quite happy about free breakfast, cosmetics for ladies and free self service alchol at night. I also recommend shrine festivals. Most of them are free. Please check website of large shrines around the area and join. It must be fun. I hope you will have a great time in Japan.

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