TravelWhat's been your experience in Vienna?

Hi ladies, I'm considering visiting Vienna for a few nights in August, but I have had several people advise me to skip Vienna in favor of another city. What's been your experience in Vienna? Definitely doing Budapest and Prague for about 4 nights each, but I have time in between to visit another city for about 3 nights. Recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Posted: July 31, 2022


August 5, 2022

Do not skip Vienna it’s the best!!!

July 31, 2022

I really enjoyed vienna! Tho i can imagine that it might be very hot and crowded. Vienna is a city that accomodates different kinds of people, diverse in age and interestest. The history is rich and 3-4 days is enough but i definitely want to go back. I felt very safe and the food was amazing!

August 1, 2022

Oooh Vienna owns my heart. It’s an amazing city! The city is beautiful and offers a lot; the castle with a very nice park surrounding it to hang out in and have a picnic or get a cocktail at a nearby bar. Vienna has a lot of great Museum and sights but especially the architecture throughout the whole city is so pretty and you’ll find a lot of hidden gems (I really recommend the national library). Then there’s the fair called „Prater“ which is so incredibly fun! We spend 2 evening there! The rides are great, not too pricey and they have amazing food! You can also swim in the river: there are designated swimming areas and it’s really refreshing (you’ll need it. be warned Vienna is super hot during this time) I can really recommend going! I’ve been 4 times already and would go again right away!

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